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Your Law Firm Success™ 

A comprehensive package of digital, marketing, sales, branding & strategic services to help modern law firms grow.

Moore Legal Technology helps lawyers grow their business.

We work with law firms of all shapes and sizes, across a wide range of practice areas and sectors throughout the UK and beyond. Our product is called Your Law Firm Success™, and is designed to help you increase your turnover, enhance your brand, improve your efficiency and future-proof your firm.

When we first started out in the world of online marketing, most of the enquiries we received from law firms began with “we need a website”. However, we soon realised that it is not the website that is truly valuable to our clients - it is the business it can generate.

As a result, our focus has become more about how to help our law firm clients use their website more effectively. We work to ensure the firms we partner with are always prominent online, that their phone rings more often, and that their valued investment in our services contributes to the success of their firm. 

Helping Law Firms to Grow

We focus on helping law firms use the Internet more effectively to generate business. Whilst the requirement for a website and being found online still forms part of our offering, we believe our comprehensive strategy for success provides our clients with more than just digital marketing services. 

Moore Legal Technology thrives on building strong relationships with law firms. We want to be your trusted partner, not just your agency. Our legal sector niche means that we not only have expertise in online business generation, but also in-depth knowledge of what works for the legal sector - and how the legal sector works. 

When you work with Moore Legal Technology we will create a business strategy specific to your firm. A blueprint for how we can work together to increase your turnover, enhance your brand and future-proof your firm. We want to contribute our experience and expertise to your law firm's success - it's that simple. 

Your Law Firm Success™  – Invest in your firm’s future

More than ever before, we are focused on the concept of Your Law Firm Success™. When you meet with us we are more likely to ask you about how many leads you convert, or how leads are nurtured, instead of what your favourite website is. If you want to agonise over colour palette or which stock library has the best images, then we’re probably not the agency for you – we focus on results.

Whilst we absolutely understand the importance of ensuring that any online or offline assets are aesthetically pleasing, on-brand, and aligned with target markets, every aspect of our Your Law Firm Success™ packages has been developed with a view to making our law firm clients more profitable.

We want to get to know you and develop an in-depth understanding of what your business objectives are. Once we have done so, we will utilise appropriate "Success Drivers" to help you achieve those objectives. Everything will be done as part of an overarching growth strategy designed to achieve pre-determined goals.

We do all this by helping you:

Attract Clients +

Website Design

We want your site to look great and be something you are proud of. Sure, it has to look great but we want it to generate business for you. Find out more about Law Firm Website Design.

Content Marketing

Content is king. Without high quality, unique, legally perfect and personalised content, your site won't bring in business. Trust us on that. Find out more about Content Marketing for Law Firms.

Search Engine Optimisation

If you're not ranking you won't be found. If you go with a company who make 'too good to be true' promises you could end up in trouble. We have a track record of success. Find out more about Search Engine Optimisation for Law Firms.

Pay Per Click/AdWords

Quick ranking, immediate results and only pay when somebody visits your site. Best coupled with a great organic campaign, we always aim for maximum conversion, minimum spend. Find out more about PPC & Adwords for Law Firms.

Market Your Firm +

Online Marketing

An online lead-generating platform is the engine of growth for the modern law firm. If your site isn't bringing in business, it's probably costing you business too. Find out about Online Marketing for Law Firms.

Email Marketing for Law Firms

Connect with more people more often. Drive awareness, trust and engagement by keeping clients and prospects up to date with the law and your firm. Find out more about Email Marketing for Law Firms.

PR for Law Firms

Look after your reputation and your reputation will look after you. Get your message out there, build your image and put yourself in the spotlight. Find out more about PR for Law Firms.

Legal Directory Submissions

Validation is best when it comes from a reputable source. Being listed in a major legal directory showcases your credentials and builds trust. Find out more about Legal Directory Submissions.

Sell More +

Sales Training for Law Firms

To lawyers, sales is still a dirty word and yet, it's vital to ANY business. Handling objections, closing deals and winning clients is something everyone in your business can do. Let us show you how. Find out more about Sales Training for Law Firms.

Business Development for Law Firms

Growing your business isn't easy. We'll handle the business development while you handle the legal work. Deal? Find out more about Business Development for Law Firms

Call Handling for Law Firms

There's a lot that goes into making your phone ring. Are you answering every call - including out of hours? Are you sure your staff are handling leads properly? If not, having a third party call handler might be the right solution for you. Find out more about Call Handling for Law Firms

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) for Law Firms

Turbo charge your online sales funnel. Site built? Content drafted and optimised? Campaigns in place? Let's sit back and relax? Let's not. Find out more about Conversion Rate Optimisation for Law Firms.

Build your Brand +

Branding & Design

“I need a new logo”. We hear this often from clients. But is it a logo that you require? Or do you require something more? Find out more about Law Firm Branding.

Print & Offline Advertising

We're all about online, but offline marketing has its place too. You'll need flyers, banner stands, advertisements, business cards and more. Make sure these are aligned with your online presence. Find out more about Print & Offline Advertising for Law Firms.

Video Marketing

If a picture says a thousand words, then a video says so much more. Speak directly to potential clients using video. Find out more about Video Marketing for Law Firms.

Retain Clients +

Email Newsletters 

You've done the hard part. You've taken on a new client and delivered for them. Don't let that feeling fade - keep yourself at the front of their mind with regular updates. Find out more about Email Newsletters for Law Firms.


"Blogging" doesn't have to be a dirty word. Relevant, timely legal news updates keeps your clients up to date, showcases your expertise and feeds your pipeline. Find out more about Blogging for Law Firms.

Measure & Improve +

Call Tracking

Visitors to websites are anywhere from 4-20 times more likely to call than they are to fill out an online form and understanding what happens to these callers and their sources of finding you is essential. Find out more about Call Tracking.

Reporting & Analytics

What gets measured gets managed. We'll help you make better, data-driven decisions. Drive the business forward by truly understanding where business comes from. Find out more Reporting & Analytics for Law Firms.

Can't see what you need? Get in touch with us on 03333 442 722 and we'll have a chat about what we can do to help you.

We have guided scores of law firms to success over the last decade and many of our clients have been with us since we started. We combine a rare mix of marketing expertise, technical experience and niche legal sector knowledge and experience (most of our team has a legal sector background). That, combined with our high standards of client care, culture of excellence, and genuine desire to help law firms thrive sets us apart from your typical digital marketing agency.

If you’re looking for somebody to help you design and build a website on a limited budget, then you’re in the wrong place. We only work with clients on a retained basis. Our experience tells us that is the best way for us to help you get to where you want to be. All of our packages have been designed to serve the specific needs of firms of a certain size. We’ll always recommend the package that fits you best – we are focused on building long-term relationships with our clients and that only happens with complete honesty, transparency and trust.

We know that not every firm is the same and that there may be the need to tweak a package to suit. This is why, at the beginning of any new project, we undertake an in-depth ‘Vision Meeting’ with your key stakeholders to make sure that we are 100% aligned in our approach and objectives and that both parties understand what makes the other tick.

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Moore Legal Technology – Helping law firms succeed

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