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We help Private Client law firms grow. We work closely with our clients to help them attract, nurture and retain clients. Our "Your Law Firm Success™" packages are tailored to meet the needs of modern, forward-thinking firms.

For firms specialising in private client matters, it's important to show clients that they can trust you and that you care. When people are looking for advice on personal legal and financial matters, they want someone who understands, who cares - who they can trust. However, how do you get this message across to prospective clients?

Building a private client law firm website

As internet and mobile usage continues to grow, the search for a solicitor who can assist with a matter relating to a will or power of attorney or a house purchase etc. increasingly begins online so it’s vital that you are in a position to be found online and that you make a great first impression with those who find you.

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Your website will often be the first contact a potential instructing agent will have with your firm. Research shows that it takes about 0.05 seconds for users to form a first opinion once they land on your website, so it’s vital that you make a positive first impression.

Private client law firm web design best practice

Building a website that will help you generate business online isn’t a matter of implementing any design and hoping you will be found, visitors will contact you will convert into paying clients, it's a process that requires analysis continued refinement. This website is full of helpful guides relating to how your private client law firm can succeed online, but when it comes to developing your website, the hub of all of your online marketing activity the best place to start is with our guides below:

Helping private client law firms succeed online

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