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We help law firms of all sizes to grow. We work closely with our clients to help them attract, nurture and retain clients. Our "Your Law Firm Success™" packages are tailored to meet the needs of modern, forward-thinking firms.

Large law firms in the UK, including those within the top 200, are facing more intense pressures and more uncertainty than ever before. Some of the most powerful changes in recent times include: –

  • More demanding clients. Client's are expecting a high level of service for a reduction in fees space (a trend affecting all types of professional services across the world). As a result, the profit margins of many firms are falling;
  • New entrants into the legal market - including the significant threat of the big four accountancy firms. Weaker barriers to entry are accelerating such trends;
  • Increasing pressures from other legal entities, including alternative business structures and mid-size law firms, taking the more niche legal work of the UK's biggest corporations away from large law firms; and
  • Technological advances leading to the commoditisation of various types of legal services, meaning that the higher fees charged by large law firms for certain types of legal work are less warranted.

In order to succeed today and to rise above your competition, there are at least three main goals which you should be focused on from an online perspective:-

  • To acquire new clients in your targeted sectors or areas of legal practice;
  • To retain as many high-value clients possible and reduce churn;
  • To attract and retain the best possible members of staff.

It is a given that one of the main ways of doing this is to provide an unparalleled, exceptional service to your clients which can help generate extra word-of-mouth business to your practice. But, you can accelerate this word-of-mouth activity and showcase your firm as a thought-leader through exceptional online marketing.

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Many of the techniques that are helping mid-sized law firms acquire a greater foothold in the legal market will also apply to larger law firms. And we appreciate that this will not apply across all sectors or practice areas of your firm, but that certain practice areas or sectors will benefit significantly from some of the techniques that we have acquired a great deal of experience and expertise in implementing.

“But most of our big, profitable work comes from tenders”

One common concern we hear from partners of mid-size firms is that most of their work comes from tenders and instructions from business owners. But an effective online strategy is still pertinent for the purposes of winning such business. Establishing your law firm as a thought-leader in your field might just mean you get selected for a particular job ahead of a rival. You can read more about this in our report “I'm a business owner; therefore I don't use the Internet to find a lawyer...” 

Read our Report on the Greatest Challenges & Opportunities in the Legal Sector

In our report “The Greatest Legal Sector Challenges (and Opportunities) 2017-2027” we explore some of the biggest challenges that your firm will be facing at the moment and in the coming years and some of the most cost-effective ways for the more progressive firms to beat their competitors through harnessing online strategies and technologies.

Working with Your In-House Marketing & BD Teams

You will no doubt already be investing a great deal in your marketing and business development efforts, including growing your own in-house marketing team. But in our experience, having worked with over 100 law firms across the UK and beyond, there is a greater level of technical expertise that we can offer you that you're unlikely to have within your own teams. Just as your best lawyers can provide opinions and devise strategies on complex matters within hours, so too can we advise on how you can best succeed online to beat your competition. Usually, we are seen by many of our smaller law firm clients as their entire online marketing department, but we appreciate that’s not possible with bigger firms and that any of our work must dovetail with your own marketing and business development teams’ efforts. Because our team consists of former commercial lawyers and legal business development professionals from larger firms, we are often able to work efficiently and in harmony with your existing marketing teams to achieve predetermined goals and objectives, even if our work initially involves only helping to grow a handful of practice areas or sector groups within your firm.

We have, for instance, been asked by two global law firms to provide an expert opinion on how certain practice areas within their firms can best target different international client bases particularly through niche legal SEO and PPC campaigns. We have also managed to overhaul one of the U.K.'s bigger firms' online presence is by taking over the management and ongoing optimisation of all of their online assets, resulting in a significant year on year boost in both organic traffic to their main website and numbers of online enquiries.

Generate business for large law firms

While we are retained by many law firms across the UK, we work only with a select handful of mid to large law firms with packages tailored to meet their needs and to help them grow. For further information on how we can help you, please call us on 03333 442 722 or fill in our enquiry form.

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