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Internet Marketing for Employment Law Firms

We help employment law firms grow. We work closely with our clients to help them attract, nurture and retain clients. Our "Your Law Firm Success™" packages are tailored to meet the needs of modern, forward-thinking firms.

Our aim is to help your employment law firm be successful. Everything we do for our law firm clients is designed to help their bottom line grow. Whatever success drivers we utilise for our clients, whether it be brand development, PR, creation of a content rich, conversion focused website, SEO, PPC, lead nurturing, call handling support, sales training, email marketing, social media marketing, everything is done within the confines of an overarching growth strategy designed to help your law firm succeed.

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 Your website will often be the first contact a potential client will have with your firm so it’s vital that you make a positive first impression.

Employment law firm web design best practice

Building a website that will help you generate business online isn’t a matter of implementing any design and hoping visitors will convert into paying clients, it's a process that requires analysis continued refinement. This website is full of helpful guides relating to how your law firm can succeed online, but when it comes to developing your website, the hub of all off your online marketing activity, here are 5 elements to consider as a useful starter for ten.

1. Don't make me think

Ensure your calls to action (the messages you present to the visitor to tell them what they should do e.g. call, email, sign up for a newsletter etc.) are in prominent strategic positions throughout your conversion focused website.

2. Make your message clear

Ensure that your key messages are clear. Why should somebody choose your employment law firm above all others? It's amazing how many law firms can't answer this question. This may require some deeper reflection on your firm's core strengths, but it's worth it to help you distinguish yourself from the many other firms out there offering a similar range of employment law services.

3. Publish useful employment law content

The father of modern advertising, David Ogilvy, noted that articles which provide useful free advice will capture 75% more readers than regular articles stuffed with sales messages. This is very much Google’s view on how content should be too. The principle of providing great free content is still as relevant as ever. The way we view it is that you should be “giving away information snacks to sell knowledge meals." (Thanks to Jay Baer for giving birth to one of our favourite sayings).

4. Build trust

Building trust is crucial if you want your website to convert visitors into enquiries. If you can showcase your own expertise and gain credibility through your site, you will have a higher chance of converting visitors into paying clients. You can do this through testimonials, 'trust icons' such as Legal 500 or Chambers logos or logos of your industry memberships, or through publishing relevant case studies explaining how you have helped other clients with their employment law issue.

5. Keep it simple

Simplicity is best for a high converting website. Is your content easy to read? Is your navigation easy to use? Does your site work well on mobile? Is it easy to make an enquiry? All relevant considerations. Getting as many pieces of the jigsaw correct as possible will help you succeed with your website design. Employment Law Glasgow and MSHB's Employment Lawyers Glasgow page are good examples of how trust icons can be used to demonstrate authority and credibility.

Your Law Firm Success™ - generate business for employment law firms

We help our employment law firm clients increase their turnover by gaining more clients and maximising their existing client base. We want to help you grow your law firm too.

If you would like to discuss how we can help you grow your law firm, get in touch today and ask for Chris or David - we look forward to hearing from you.

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