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Internet Marketing for Criminal Law Firms

For many, instructing a criminal lawyer is the ultimate distress purchase. For some, it may be a matter of routine. Regardless, the website of a criminal law firm is often the first point of contact for a potential client. All will have been accused of a crime or in fear that they may be.  Most will need the services of a criminal solicitor as soon as possible.

We help Criminal Law firms grow. We work closely with our clients to help them attract, nurture and retain clients. Our "Your Law Firm Success™" packages are tailored to meet the needs of modern, forward-thinking firms.

Marketing & business development for criminal lawyers

A good number of criminal lawyers view online marketing as expensive and altogether different from the most traditional forms of advertising such as the Yellow Pages, newspaper or TV advertising. Yet, time and again, we've helped criminal lawyers like you attract clients online. 

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It's not just about attracting clients, though - it's about attracting the right type of clients. Many of our criminal firm clients are feeling the pinch as a result of legal aid cuts. As such, they want to move up the value chain to target private fee-paying clients. Our in-depth branding process helps us define who your market is, and then go after them. 

Criminal law firm web design, best practices

While the website is only a part of the mix, it is without a doubt the most important part. To see if your current site fits the bill, we recommend looking at the following characteristics:

  • Does it look clean, clear and professional?
  • Are your 'calls to action', telephone numbers, email addresses, - immediately apparent?
  • Do visitors to the site know exactly what you want them to do?
  • If they are accused of a crime, have they seen that you provide an expert service and have an idea of the cost or whether they can get a free initial consultation? 
  • Do you have 'trust icons'? Are there logos demonstrating your membership of professional and regulatory bodies?
  • Do you explain and define common legal terms relating to criminal law?
  • Do you have strong testimonials from your former clients?
  • Do you have web pages for each service?
  • Are these organised in a structured and optimised manner, bearing in mind the key criminal keywords such as 'criminal law solicitors' or 'criminal defence lawyers'?
  • Do you target certain locations? clients of criminal law firms search both nationally and locally for their solicitor, and your website should cater for this.

If you have a website, there will be reasons why it is not delivering results. We can help ensure you are getting the clients your criminal law firm deserves.

Contact us for advice on all aspects of legal website design for criminal law firms by calling  03333 442 722 or downloading our guide here.

Content & copywriting for criminal law firms: best practices

When it comes to growing your business online, content is king. This is true even for criminal law. Your website should be continually updated with relevant new content and should demonstrate the expertise of your solicitors.

Your content should also be published in a structured manner. The more pages you have and the more in-depth and informative these are, the better - especially where your site's search engine rankings are concerned.

If your site can rank first in Google for searches like 'road traffic law solicitors' or 'criminal defence lawyers Glasgow', then you're more likely to get new instructions.

The types of content you should be publishing includes:-

  • Content on different types of crime 
  • Details of procedure in criminal cases
  • Definitions of legal terms in criminal cases

Your legal content should also contain updates on current criminal news or cases. These should be in a blog or news area. Blogging helps establish trust with your audience, but it is also great for attracting visitors in the first place. 

Once your website has:

  • More optimised content more links from other sites;
  • Better internal links between pages;
  • Improved graphic design with properly tagged images;
  • Testimonials, and
  • Videos,

You are more likely to attract more clients more often through Google and the web.

Your internet marketing strategy should be viewed not as a one-off website design exercise, but as an ongoing content publishing and integrated web marketing campaign. Our "Your Law Firm Success™" package delivers all of this and more.

For examples of recent online business platforms we have been developing for criminal law firm clients, see Beltrami & Company here https://www.beltramiandcompany.co.uk/ , The Robert Kerr Partnership here https://www.therobertkerrpartnership.com/, Sutton Defence Lawyers here https://www.suttondefencelawyers.co.uk/ and our fraud defence barrister client Mark Kelly's site here https://www.markkellybarrister.co.uk/

We can help. We are different to most Internet marketing companies because we have a team of non-practising solicitors who are experienced not only with criminal law but also with drafting optimised legal content for search engine optimisation purposes. For further information, please call  03333 442 722 or download one of our guides.

Best SEO practices for criminal law firms

With fierce competition and multi-million-pound marketing budgets, it can be daunting to look at the first page of Google for criminal terms and think that it will take hundreds of thousands of pounds to reach the top places. However, with our Your Law Firm Success™ packages, you will begin to gain traction the search engine rankings for your desired keywords and in your desired location.

Helping criminal law firms succeed online

As noted above, we can help you build a profitable website, delivering significant amounts of business for your criminal law firm. We are different to most Internet marketing companies because we have a team of non-practising solicitors who are experienced not only with criminal law but also with drafting optimised legal content for SEO purposes and provide a first class social media service. For further information on how we can help you, please call us on  03333 442 722 or fill in our enquiry form.

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