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Business Development for Law Firms

"Do you want any old marketing agency, or a partner willing to invest the time and effort to make your business grow and who appreciate that generating enquiries is just the first step not the only step?" -Director

In the modern business world, everyone has a part to play in bringing in business. Indeed, many firms now recruit largely on the basis of the potential employee's "commercial awareness". Typical business development goals include establishing your market position, expansion, client acquisition and brand awareness , all of which are shared goals of marketing. Business development professionals will typically use tactics more closely associated with sales than marketing to achieve those goals. Where business development differs from pure marketing or sales is the element of not only targeting prospective clients but nurturing existing ones through account management, listening to and acting upon clients’ feedback, and adding value to existing relationships.

Download our guides to marketing for law firms

Download our Guides

If your website isn’t helping you grow, it’s holding you back. Download the our guides to marketing for Law Firms

Our guides cover:
  • Setting out an online strategy
  • Developing your brand
  • How to leverage the internet to bring in new business
  • How to train your staff to sell more

If your law firm is struggling to find new leads to generate more business, a Business Development consultation with Moore Legal Technology can help. We will work with you to establish your business goals and client personas and help you to develop and implement a strategy designed to generate new business and nurture existing relationships. Find out more about what we can do for you.

To be successful in the new legal landscape, it’s not enough to be a good solicitor. Every fee-earner in your firm has a responsibility to market your firm and develop business.

To find out how Moore Legal Technology can help you meet your business goals, call us on 03333 442 722 and ask for Chris.

Using the Internet to help you achieve your Business Development goals

Market positioning

Let’s look at a theoretical example. Your law firm specialises in IP law and targets tech start-ups. Does your online presence reflect that? Is your site mobile friendly? If the answer is no to the above, then it’s safe to say that your online presence would not be aligned with your intended market position in this example. We recently spoke with a firm whose impressive international list of clients was at the bleeding edge of their respective sectors. The firm in question had a website that hadn’t been updated since a time when Apple’s Newton was considered the must-have digital gadget. Not ideal. Ensuring that your online presence reinforces your market presence is important not just for generating new business, but for strengthening existing relationships too.


Is your brand identity and your brand image one and the same? Do your clients and potential instructing agents view you as you wish to been viewed? The subject of developing your brand is a subject for another time and another place, but once you have put in the effort to define your brand you certainly do not want to dilute that by presenting yourself online in a manner that is not consistent with your brand values. For further information on branding for law firms check out our guides.

Thought leadership

If your law firm’s website is nothing more than an online brochure, then you are wasting a significant opportunity. An opportunity not only to impress potential clients, but to cement existing relationships too. Yes, your website should be implemented in such a way that it drives new enquiries to your door, but it should also be an easily accessible portal of thought leadership and opinion. How is this achieved? Content! In our experience, few law firms pay as much attention to their public content as they do their private content and, as a result, the public content produced rarely dovetails with a defined marketing and business development strategy or improves the firm’s market profile.

Your Law Firm Success™

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We are a law firm growth consultancy with a track record of helping our clients generate business. Before beginning any project, we will have an in-depth Vision Meeting at which we establish your brand, your target market, your goals and everything else that will inform our approach to generating business for you.

We want your online presence to reflect who you are and what you do. We want it to look great and to be something you are proud of.  

Everything we do is designed to help your firm grow. By working with us, you will:

  • Increase your Turnover by getting more clients.
  • Enhance your Brand by putting in place a brand-aligned online presence.
  • Increase your Efficiency by pre-qualifying enquiries through the site.
  • Future Proof your Firm by attracting better talent, attracting more clients and having a scalable strategy designed to support your firm's growth.

Business Development for Law Firms

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