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Call Tracking Software for Law Firms

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One of the main failings we see in law firms is in their tracking of where business comes from. Few firms keep any record of what their best sources of business are. Ultimately, this leaves them unable to maximise their returns which hinders growth.

We are all about helping law firms grow. To do that, we have to generate new business. But without measuring and managing where these leads are coming from, it's impossible to determine exactly what your return on investment is. Your call tracking allows you to determine how many calls you get, where these come from and how many of them translate into new business. Suffice to say it is essential for any law firm wishing to track the success, or otherwise, of their online marketing efforts.

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If your website isn’t helping you grow, it’s holding you back. Download the Ultimate guide to Call Tracking for Law Firms

Our guide covers:
  • Tips for increasing conversions
  • How to set up processes to accurately track new business
  • What metrics you should track
  • How call tracking software works and what options there are

For law firms, people are at least 4 times more likely to call than they are to fill out an online enquiry form. We need to understand what activities drive calls and which calls, from which sources, convert more easily and are of higher value. This is where the call tracking comes in.

Once implemented, it allows us to focus more effort on your best-performing keywords/activities thereby driving more business from our efforts. Everybody wins.

In our guide to call tracking for law firms, we discuss the basics not just of how call tracking can produce significant returns for your firm, but also how optimising your own internal enquiry conversion processes is essential.

We have deals with the leading call tracking providers and we pass these benefits straight onto our customers as we want our service, and our impact on your business growth, to be as transparent as possible.

We can generate anything between 50 and 500 calls per month for our customers, depending on their practice area. Ask us about our conversion calculator and what these figures might mean for you. Call us on  03333 442 722 or read our guide to call tracking and improving your enquiry conversion processes to find out more.

What exactly are we getting out of this? Call tracking will help you answer that question.

To speak to one of our team about how tracking incoming calls can help your firm please call us on  03333 442 722.

Call Tracking for Law Firms

There are still many law firms and other businesses which don’t realise why it’s important to track every source of new business and to act upon the intelligence to fine-tune their processes for the future. One great opportunity for law firms is integrating call tracking with the firm’s website and offline channels. If your firm is able to track the source of all calls, then match up the accepted matters/cases with those calls and sources, then you will be able to see with complete visibility the sources in which it should be investing more money and the sources for which it should be terminating investment.

Your Law Firm Success™

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We will sound different to a digital marketing agency when we talk to you about generating business online. Mainly because we're not a digital marketing agency. We are a law firm growth consultancy with a track record of helping our clients generate business! Before beginning any project, we will have an in-depth Vision Meeting at which we establish your brand, your target market, your goals and everything else that will inform our approach to generating business for you.

We want your online presence to reflect who you are and what you do. We want it to look great and to be something you are proud of. However, our main objective is to ensure that it generates business for you. We want your website to be your best source of new business. 

Everything we do is designed to help your firm grow. By working with us, you will:

  • Increase your Turnover by getting more clients.
  • Enhance your Brand by putting in place a brand-aligned online presence.
  • Increase your Efficiency by pre-qualifying enquiries through the site.
  • Future Proof your Firm by attracting better talent, attracting more clients and having a scalable strategy designed to support your firm's growth

Call Tracking for Law Firms & Lawyers in the UK - Find out more

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