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Adwords & PPC for Law Firms

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Adwords (also called Pay Per Click/PPC) is an excellent way to target new business in a specific, campaign-driven way. The results from a well-run PPC campaign can be fantastic. However, in our years of experience of running pay per click accounts for law firms, we have found that the best PPC campaigns are those that are developed in tandem with a highly optimised, conversion focused website which performs well organically.

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If your website isn’t helping you grow, it’s holding you back. Download the Ultimate guide to PPC for Law Firms


Our guide covers:

  • Structuring your Ad Campaign for Maximum Impact
  • Carrying out Keyword Research
  • Writing Ad Copy which Converts
  • Using Ad Extensions to increase conversions

There are many benefits to a PPC campaign but a successful PPC campaign needs to be supported by a website which has the power to turn a new visitor into a customer. Content rich, fully optimised and conversion orientated websites can see a significant return on investment from well-designed campaigns.

All of our packages have a PPC management element built in. We'll target your chosen practice areas and manage the campaign to ensure you get the maximum financial results from your PPC spend. As we mention above, a PPC campaign works best when pointed at a content richconversion-optimised lead generating platform, and so we will work hard to ensure your website is up to the task. 

PPC campaign: Check. Lead Generating Website: Check. Success: Guaranteed.

If you'd like to speak to one of our team about how AdWords can benefit your Law Firm, or about a marketing strategy more generally, call 03333 442 722 and ask for Chris.

What is Adwords and how can it benefit my Law Firm?

Pay Per Click is a marketing model where you pay a search engine - Google, Bing, Yahoo - to show your advertisements in premium positions on search results i.e. the top 2-3 positions and down the right-hand side of the search engines results page.

The beauty of Pay Per Click is highlighted in its name: you only pay when someone clicks on your ad. You bid on the keywords most relevant to your practice areas, create convincing advertisements and set a budget for how much you are willing to spend on each click.

Benefits of PPC for law firms and other businesses include: -

  • Quick return on investments
  • Appear at the top of search result pages
  • Control your budget.
  • Appear at the top of search result pages campaign
  • Choose which search terms you target and adjust your campaign quickly to target certain locations and/or promote a specific service 
  • Having a combination of PPC ads and high organic rankings increases your presence on search engine result pages

We share your enthusiasm for having a website that looks great, but we know it can be so much more than that. Our talent for PPC coupled with expert marketing knowledge and legal sector specialism sets us apart from other digital agencies agencies, because our main objective is to generate business for your firm. Before we begin any PPC campaign we have an in-depth visioning meeting to establish your brand, your goals and your target market. We want your website to be your best source of new business, and we have the skills to make it happen.

"In these challenging economic times it took a leap of faith on my part to pursue this course of action with Moore Legal Technology, but it was a leap that has begun to pay dividends. Our website continues to see considerably increased traffic and enquiry levels have grown temendously." - Director


Everything we do is designed to help your law firm grow. By working with us you can:

  • Increase your Turnover by getting more clients.
  • Enhance your Brand by putting in place a brand-aligned online presence.
  • Increase your Efficiency by pre-qualifying enquiries through the site.
  • Future Proof your Firm by attracting better talent, attracting more clients and having a scalable strategy designed to support your firm's growth.

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