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Law Firms in Nottingham - Online Online Business Generation & Legal Marketing

Moore Legal Technology sets itself apart from other online marketing agencies because we live and breathe the legal sector. With most of our team being former solicitors, law graduates and legal marketers we can really help our law firm clients excel online in ways that other companies just getting to know the sector couldn’t even imagine.

And this deep expertise in the legal sector is supplemented through horizontal hires, with digital marketers with online marketing expertise and experience in other sectors applying that expertise to our law firm client accounts where relevant.

Some of the goals we help our clients achieve through utilising our online marketing expertise and legal knowledge are to: 

Nottingham Law Firms - Online Online Business Generation, Legal Marketing, Website Design & SEO

Our aim is that your business grows significantly and, in any case, with profits far exceeding our monthly retainer costs. And in this way, our legal marketing offering is best viewed as an investment, certainly not an expense. We’ll turn your website into an asset for your business, drive your online traffic for targeted keywords through the roof and turn this traffic into leads, then help you convert these leads into new business. Your business grows, our business grows; simple. Find out more about how we have helped clients previously here.

In a nutshell, as one of our clients who has been with us for over 10 years says:-

"You don't get in a taxi and ask the driver how the engine works. You just ask him to take you somewhere.".

They remain our clients to this day so their law firm has certainly been taken to where they wanted it to be, if not beyond (indeed that firm, formerly a small high street legal practice now has 6 offices around the city in which they’re based).

Online Marketing for Lawyers & Law Firms in Nottingham, Derby, Beeston & Carlton

Does your law firm operate in Nottingham or Derby, or even looking to expand into other cities across the UK? We can help. If your online presence isn’t directly contributing to your firm’s bottom line you are missing an opportunity, an opportunity you can rest assured your competitors will be priming themselves to take advantage of.

We have offices in Glasgow and London but we can help any law firm throughout the UK. Here's just a few examples: 

If you'd like to find out more about how we could help your firm, and receive an online strategy for free, we'd be delighted to help. Please complete our online form or give us a call on 0333 130 5804.

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