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Social Media Marketing for Law Firms is Dead. Long Live Social Media.

Here at Moore Legal Technology we’re genuinely passionate about getting results for our clients. We thrive on helping law firms grow. Our culture code attempts to, well, codify this. We aim to be PERFECT in everything we do. Over the last several years, we’ve grown consistently in terms of both staff and client base and, like most growing companies, we continually re-evaluate what we do and how we do it.

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This has led to us strip back some things, invest more in others and to really focus on the activities and strategies that work. By “work” we mean “help our law firm clients grow”.

How is our Social Media Strategy changing?

After much rigorous analysis, no little soul-searching and hours of internal debate, we have decided to pare back our social media marketing offering. This isn’t a decision we have taken lightly but the evidence we see is that social media marketing doesn’t contribute to our clients’ bottom line in the way it used to, nor did the social media marketplace for legal services mature in the way we (and, indeed most of our peers) anticipated.

Social Media for Lawyers – is it worth it?

Most of our law firm clients offer consumer/distress purchase services for which there is very little lead-nurturing needed. Others offer services which won’t find a relevant audience on many social media channels – or at least not an audience in a purchasing mindset. Neither of which are serviced well by having a presence on most social media channels.

What does this mean?

What this means in practice is that we will no longer be providing stand-alone social media marketing services, providing social media training sessions (with the exception of LinkedIn) nor will we be managing Twitter or Facebook accounts in a hands-on way unless otherwise agreed with existing clients for the purpose of clearly defined strategies.

We’ve already broached this with many of our clients and the reception has been almost universally positive. Many lawyers have, in the past, confessed to a certain unease with social media as a marketing vehicle for law firms and, looking back, some of these concerns have been justified.

What should lawyers be doing online?

Let’s be clear – social media isn’t dead. It’s very much alive and thriving. Networks will come and go: Bebo, Myspace, Friendsreunited, Google+ and others have been supplanted by other platforms. The signs are that Twitter is on the decline too. Indeed, overuse of the platform by marketers is regarded by many as one of the main factors in that.

Using social media for its intended purpose – being social – still has its place, even for law firms. There are many lawyers (and firms) on twitter and LinkedIn who use it to debate issues, connect with their peers, share interesting takes on the law, share, discuss and debate their personal interests and we wholeheartedly think that’s a brilliant idea – particularly LinkedIn for business purposes. But the inescapable conclusion is that outsourced social media marketing for law firms just doesn’t contribute to their online success like it used to – which is why we’re phasing it out.

For those clients who had an active social media management package, we’ve been working to channel this resource into other activity – even greater on & off-page SEO (especially local SEO), enhanced content packages and PPC. For new clients coming on board, the standard service will nevertheless involve a basic degree of set up and integration of relevant branded social media accounts (should they choose to take this up), but the bulk of their growth strategy will be focused on other activities.

Embedded in our culture code are the words “Focused”, “Efficient” and “Results”. We strive to generate the maximum results possible from all of our activities to help grow their firms and to get our clients maximum return on their investment with us. Taking things in the round, this credo no longer supports investing wasted time in social media.

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