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A Beginner's Guide to LinkedIn for Solicitors

Connect, Share, Grow.

LinkedIn is a powerful platform for creating business relationships. It is the ideal social network for rekindling lost professional relationships, strengthening current ones, increasing your firm’s visibility and highlighting brand awareness.

So, you set up a LinkedIn account month/years ago. You know you should be updating your LinkedIn profile on an ongoing basis, but you’re not quite sure what to do next. Does this sound familiar? Read on for some initial steps to improve your profile and reap the benefits for your law firm.

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Align your profile with your firm’s brand.

When someone lands on your LinkedIn profile, you want them to see what you specialise in, as well as reasons to believe in what you offer. Your profile photograph should be professional and of good quality. If you have a picture on your firm’s website, this is usually ideal. Secondly, your cover photo should be consistent with your law firm’s branding. Both visuals make for a powerful first impression. When it comes to writing your biography, keep this consistent with the main message your firm wishes to publicise. Don’t be worried about adopting a slightly more personal voice when writing your bio as LinkedIn is a social site after all. The key point here is to position yourself for the type of business you want to attract. Showcase what services your law firm offers and what niche knowledge you possess to attract a key audience in need of your legal expertise.

Maximise the impact of your professional headline

Your professional headline refers to the text just underneath your name which many simply leave as their job title. There is a 120-word limit in this section, so be as descriptive as you can. Doing this lets people find you more easily. For example, one thing that drives our team mad is when Solicitors leave their professional headline as 'Partner' or 'Owner'. If I am using LinkedIn to search for an employment lawyer in Manchester, that, is what I'm going to search for, not 'Partner' or 'Owner'.

Further, this text is in a prime position to grab visitors’ attention. For example, ‘family solicitor’ could be altered to ‘Family Law Solicitor in Manchester | Partner at *firm’s name* | Expert in Mediation and specialist divorce lawyer’. Effectively describe the type of lawyer you are, the locations you serve, and your professional for for maximum impact.

Customise the web address

When you first create your LinkedIn profile, the platform automatically generates a random web address, usually with excessive numbers. Thankfully there is a way to edit this to your name – or a variation as close to your name as possible - which will boost your profile’s credibility and looks more professional on business cards/an email signature. To do this, move your cursor over 'profile' at the top of your homepage and select ‘edit profile’. Move your cursor over the URL link under your profile picture and click ‘settings’ next to it. Another useful tip is to make sure your profile is public so that your LinkedIn profile is visible to search engines. You can also edit this within the settings.

Connect with the right audience.

Whom you choose to connect with is a personal choice. Some individuals will assume an unrestricted approach and connect with as many people as possible to grow their connection list. Others take a more guarded approach and only accept those with whom they have worked or know personally. Bear in mind that connecting with like-minded individuals is an extension of networking and is a great opportunity to grow your contact list. Once you have connected with someone new, it is widely considered LinkedIn etiquette to endorse them for relevant skills, and this should hopefully, in turn, be an effective technique to boost your endorsement list.

Start sharing legal updates

Sharing is where the true value of LinkedIn comes in. Keep your profile dynamic by sharing appropriate updates which may include what you are working on or an appropriate discussion you wish to start with your peers. Links to your firm’s most recent blog post or landing page are an excellent way to generate traffic back to your website and get content seen by a wider audience. Keep your posting schedule consistent by setting aside a short amount of time each day to enhancing your online social presence. That said, it’s not all about sharing legal news. You should aim for a mix of updates. And, as much as LinkedIn is turning into a publishing powerhouse, don’t just view LinkedIn as a broadcast channel. Commenting on your colleagues’ updates, engaging with the community and sharing more useful information and being more helpful than just promoting yourself is likely to get you recognised more as a thought leader and attract new business. Which brings us to our next tip…

Ask questions and increase your influence

There is a term about networking that rings true: “The Giver Gains”. The more generous you are with your time and advice, the more people are likely to come back to you. Join groups by searching for “law” and “legal” or more niche ones, such as ‘employment law’ or ‘mediation’, or even ‘Generating Business Online for Law Firms!’ – the best groups to join are those who align with your legal knowledge. We would recommend that you start participating in discussions to showcase what you know and build up thought leadership in niche areas. When you answer questions, users can rate your answers and your credibility as an influencer in the legal market will grow.

Further tips on LinkedIn for solicitors

Consultant to leading law firms in the UK Stephen Gold commented within that thread the following which should be noted by all:-

“First, your network should be about quality, not quantity. Choose with care who you want to link to. It’s not just for the obvious reason that you don’t want your box clogged with detritus, it’s that to a degree, people will judge you by who you know, just as they do in the offline world.

Second, it is better to write a personalised invitation to link than ping the standard template. LinkedIn is about strong personal relationships, and treating someone like a number is not a good start.

Third, if you’re prospecting a target and manage to secure a meeting, it’s well worth looking up their profile before you meet, to establish useful personal information about them and where there are common links. You’ll want to establish empathy at the meeting, and this is a much better way than droning on about your colossal expertise or how wonderful your firm is.

Fourth, don’t overtly market and sell. People will think you are someone who rhymes with “banker”, and they will be right. Everyone on the site is there because they want to enhance their business or career, so that’s understood. The best way to attract the right sort of attention is to be thoughtful, insightful, generous and helpful. LinkedIn is built on the truth that the desire to reciprocate is hard-wired in the human psyche. The more you give, the greater will be your reward. For example, think about who in your network would benefit from being linked with one another and introduce them. Whether or not they end up doing business, they will appreciate your effort on their behalf. And they will remember.”

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