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How can Law Firms win Micro Moments?

It’s no secret that the increase in mobile usage has had a tremendous effect on how people access the internet and, as a result, how modern law firms approach their online marketing.

Last year it emerged that, for the first time, mobile searches outnumbered desktop searches. The convenience of mobile devices, along with the increased availability and speed of wireless data, has resulted in more and more people carrying out internet searches during ‘stolen moments’ i.e. waiting in a queue or sitting on a bus.

These bursts of mobile activity, many of which last just over 1 minute and occur multiple times each day, have been named ‘Micro-Moments’ by Google. Micro-moments are intention-full moments where a consumer is actively seeking to learn, discover, find and buy, and are fully open to brand influence and engagement. As a result, micro-moments provide a real opportunity for Law Firms seeking to compete online and win new clients.

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The evolution of the customer journey

In 2011 Google explained that instead of a seamless customer journey, there proved to be a ‘Zero Moment of Truth’ which identifies the increase in digital research carried out by consumers before completing a purchase/sign-up.

Customers no longer act simply on seeing an advertisement. Instead, they seek to build a sense of trust in a company by carrying out research, looking at previous customer reviews and comparison services to ensure that they are signing up to the best possible service.

Several years later and this journey has evolved much further, with the addition of multiple moments of interaction between customer and brand: ‘micro-moments happen on the fly, and as a result, they've fractured the traditional customer journey into dozens or hundreds of real-time, intent-driven moments.’

These micro-moments happen billions of times per day and your law firm needs to identify the key opportunities by asking questions such as: What is the context of these moments? How can you stand out to the searcher? How can you help them and make their search easier?

How can your law firm win these micro-moments?

A micro-moment occurs when a consumer acts upon a need and Google has identified four key moments which brands should be aware of:

Want to know

Despite not being transactional queries, it’s important that your law firm sees these moments as opportunities to generate brand awareness and create that initial conversation between your law firm and potential clients.

Providing people with accurate, useful information on their search query is just one step in an evolved customer journey. If you can direct people to the most useful landing page and provide them with the necessary information without putting them off with a hard sell, it’s likely that they will remember you as an informative and helpful source. Also, if you help a customer to easily find a solution to a ‘want to know’ query, they are 69% more likely to get in touch with you than a competitor.

Want to go

These moments are crucial for law firms with a local marketing strategy. Customers now expect to find out information about local businesses within the click of a button – and now with GPS on most smartphones, a simple ‘law firms near me’ search will quickly return a list of firms local to the user. In fact, ‘near me’ searches have doubled in the past year.

However, just because your office is closer to a potential client than your competitors’, this doesn’t mean that you will rank higher on search, or appear in the local snack pack. Your law firm’s website has to be optimised for locations and be seen as a high-quality, useful source by Google.

PPC (pay per click) provides a great opportunity for law firms to target clients locally. Advertising on Google and Bing allows you to be very specific about where and when your ads show; you can select the exact locations and times of day that you want your ads to appear.

PPC also allows law firms with one or more physical business locations to have these locations appearing with the ads. Combine this with a strong organic ranking, and a prime position in the mobile snack-pack and you’ll be dominating SERPs for crucial ‘want to go’ moments!

Want to do

‘How to’ searches are amongst the most popular searches on the internet. Consumers love numbered lists, video-guides and step-by-step instructions that are quick, to the point and, most importantly, useful.

Being there with the right content, presented in the right format, is key to winning these micro-moments. Not only will you answer the user's search query, but you will also be front of mind at that crucial moment when a potential client discovers that they need to instruct a solicitor.

Want to buy

‘Want to buy’, or ‘want to instruct’ micro-moments for solicitors, are the most transactional and, therefore, the most competitive on mobile search. More competitors will be bidding on ‘want to instruct’ search phrases with PPC than other knowledge-based searches.

Your organic presence will again hugely depend on the quality of your website, its content, and the users’ experience on mobile. As the client is ready to get in touch with you, you need to make your calls to action as clear as possible. A huge aspect of micro-moments is that they happen quickly, and if your website isn’t straight to the point or easy to navigate, it’s likely that most users will hit the dreaded back button and find themselves on a competitors’ site instead. Make sure your phone number is visible, your enquiry form is easy to fill out and doesn’t require too much information, your location is synced to Google Maps for easy directions, or your email address is clickable and opens up the users’ email.

Update Your Law Firm Strategy to Succeed Online

Micro-moments are continuing to change both the users’ experience and the way we market ourselves online. Law firms must continue updating their approach to marketing to ensure they can capture as many opportunities as possible, and Google outlines three essential components that must be the beating heart of modern marketing:

  • Be there
  • Be useful
  • Be quick

Stick to these rules, and you’ll thrive in a micro-moment world.

Law firms must also measure every moment that matters – not just the conversion. Mobile conversions and desktop conversions should no longer be considered as separate; they intertwine and complement one another as multiple, significant parts of an intricate and forever changing customer journey.

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