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7 Email Marketing Tips

Is the ROI on your law firm’s email marketing not what you expected? Follow these 7 tips to optimise your email campaigns

With online technologies and platforms continuing to expand at a bewildering rate, the shifting sands of SEO, the battleground that is PPC, and the now more-important-than-ever mobile marketing, it can be easy to overlook email marketing. However, email marketing shouldn’t be overlooked. It’s inexpensive, a great way to reach people who already know you and trust you, it’s easy to measure and test, and it can be effectively integrated with your overarching ongoing marketing strategy. If executed properly, email marketing can help you:

  • Illustrate thought-leadership and authority in your field
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Help you stay at the forefront of your clients’ minds
  • Increase cross-selling opportunities
  • Show that you are proactive when it comes to engaging with your clients
  • Increase traffic to your online platforms and generate more qualified leads

However, none of this is possible if subscribers don’t actually open your email. With 190 billion emails sent worldwide every day1, you can only imagine how many go unnoticed, or are simply deleted. Email marketing is as direct as it gets, but it’s essentially a competition to write the most intriguing headline possible. And this isn’t a competition with other law firms, but with every other service which your subscribers have signed up to in the past. Log into anyone’s email and you’re almost guaranteed to see emails with these subject lines:

    SALE - 50% OFF + an EXTRA 10% off! Tell us what you think and be entered into our prize draw! WOW Pay Day Weekend Deals Now On Exclusive Offers Just For You!

So how can you optimise your law firm’s e-newsletters so that your subscribers are more likely to open them? Here are our top 7 tips for email marketing success:

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1. Write a compelling, but genuine, subject line

The subject line is your one shot to grab your subscriber’s attention and persuade them to open your email. This one line of text must show that the content in your email is valuable to the reader in some way; whether to give them insight about a new service, save them money, provide useful information, or reward them with an exclusive offer.

It’s important to keep your subject lines genuine and honest. Clickbait words and phrases such as ‘You won’t believe’ and ‘Shocking’ can (even if your updates are truly shocking!) actually result in a decrease in click-through rate. With the tremendous volume of content online with similar clickbait headlines, today’s internet savvy users have become familiar with these over-the-top headings and are actively starting to avoid them.

To maximise the number of opens on your email marketing campaign, you should always test your subject lines. Try using numbers one month, e.g. “Top 10 Tips for Instructing a Family Lawyer”, and then try without numbers the next much e.g. “The Ultimate Guide on Finding the Best Family Lawyer” to get an idea of what your subscribers are more likely to click on.

2. Make it personal

The way to your clients’ hearts is to make them feel that their business is genuinely appreciated and valued. Sending personalised emails shows that you’ve taken the time to get in touch with them and you’re seeing them as an individual rather than as part of a huge list.

Most email software products on the market have sophisticated formulas in place which can personalise the email subject and body text to including your each of your subscribers’ names, locations or previous transactions with you. Even simply addressing your subscribers by name can make your email instantly more inviting and friendly. Just make sure you don’t leave incorrect code in place that makes your email read [Dear First Name].

The name of the sender is another factor which can encourage, or put off, a subscriber from clicking on your email. You can grow a sense of familiarity by sending your emails from a real name instead of an email address. Take it a step further and add a signature or small picture of the sender to give a face to the name.

Small details like these can convey a friendly tone and build trust, resulting in more clicks and engagement, and fewer people unsubscribing.

3. Segment your mailing list into smaller groups

Trying to accommodate everyone in a huge and varied mailing list can often cause you to write generic and irrelevant emails, resulting in low open and click-through rates, and most likely a lot of people unsubscribing.

Segmenting your mailing list into several smaller ones based on your subscribers’ interests, location, other demographics or previous instructions gives you a much stronger strategy to encourage engagement and repeat business. Additionally, you will build your reputation and trust amongst subscribers as you’ve sent interesting and thoughtful content tailored to them.

By sending your subscribers emails containing news and offers that they have already shown an interest in, you are much more likely to grab their attention and encourage them complete your desired goal, whether that’s picking up the phone to discuss their out of date will or simply visiting your website.

4. Keep the content concise and exciting

Have you ever saved an interesting article to read at a later date, but never get round to it? So have we.

The fact is, with so much content out there already and new content being published every minute of the day, people don’t have time to read essays. Content laid out in short paragraphs and bulleted lists are much easier for readers to digest and, therefore, more likely to be read.

From an online strategy perspective, you may well have heard the phrase ‘Content is King’. This is certainly true when it comes to the content on your website as Google likes to see that your site will be genuinely useful to visitors. But when it comes to email content, less is more… much more!

Your emails should be exciting and straight to the point. If you have an exclusive new offer for your email subscribers then let them know this straight away, because there’s a good chance that most of your mailing list won’t read the whole email.

5. Make it as clear as possible what you want the reader to do

Every email you send should have a purpose. Whether you want to promote an exclusive offer, provide your subscribers with useful information, or nurture warm leads, you should always stick to that one goal. Don’t distract people with links to your latest company news when your main goal is to get them to click through to your enquiry form and contact you.

Your call to action should be visually distinctive and eye catching, and ideally above the fold of your email (“above the fold” means on the screen before the reader has to scroll down). Including multiple calls to action which all lead to the same landing page can also prove beneficial. It gives your subscribers multiple opportunities to click through and convert, and it allows you to test out which call to action performs best!

6. Include social sharing links

Your email subscribers may be active on a number of different social media platforms, such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Providing social sharing links in your emails makes it easier for subscribers, and helps encourage them, to share your email with their social networks.

Providing the tools for people to easily share your content is one of the best ways to attract new subscribers, as people are much more likely to be interested in content if someone else has recommended it.

7. Optimise for mobile

Just as it’s vital for your law firm’s website to be mobile friendly and responsive, your emails should also be mobile optimised.

On a desktop, it can become extremely frustrating waiting on large emails to load properly, and people will wait even less time when viewing your email on a mobile device. From our experience, having images in your emails is beneficial from an engagement perspective, but the file size of these images should be kept as low as possible.

Make sure to keep in mind the size of your text when viewed in mobile, how clear the calls to action and links are, and if these links lead to mobile friendly landing pages on your website. Also, make it as easy as possible for mobile customers to contact you. Set your addresses to open up Google Maps when clicked on, and set the phone number to call you when clicked on.

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