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Below are links to slides, presentations and testimonials from conferences, workshops and seminars at which Chris and Dave have appeared.

Law Society’s Civil Litigation Autumn conference 2017

Read Chris Davidson's "top ten tips" for generating business online,  which discusses the below in more detail, published in Legal Futures. 

"Moore Legal Technology spoke at the Law Society’s Civil Litigation conference, taking part in a business development Q&A panel about how law firms should approach marketing, branding and customer contact.

MooreLegal Technology spoke at the Law Society’s Civil Litigation conference, taking part in a business development Q&A panel about how law firms should approach marketing, branding and customer contact. They spoke about how they worked with law firms, to peel back the layers, get to the heart of a legal business and turn underwhelming tones of voice into compelling, often challenging, success stories.

For me, the priceless take-away from Chris and David’s session was the recognition that every law firm had their own unique selling-point, but that it might sit behind coats of corporate paint, or ‘expected’ rather than desired tones of voice. So it was particularly great to hear how organisations like Moore Legal Technology were working with law firms to uncover those hidden strengths and win more business."

Andrew Moroney
Product Strategy and Development Manager
The Law Society

Bellwether Green's "Advancing your Law Firm and Leadership" Conference 2017

Moore Legal Technology first spoke at our Commercial Law Network annual conference in 2016 and their presentation was so popular and well-received that we asked them to speak again at our 2017 conference! On both occasions, the feedback from our members was overwhelmingly positive with one member commenting that MLT’s presentation was “particularly inspiring”. 

Chris and Dave from MLT were able to demonstrate to our members not only the importance of law firms having a good online profile which generates quality business leads, but also the benefit of having robust processes in place for following up on those leads and ensuring a seamless client experience. Their presentation gave many of our members (and myself) some excellent food for thought.

Dario Demarco
Bellwether Green

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