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Your 2022 Marketing Calendar Part 2

2022 marketing calendar

You may have read the phrase “content is king” in relation to online marketing and it’s true: Google rewards sites with rich, informative, helpful and - crucially - accurate content. This means your content marketing strategy must be front and centre of your overall marketing efforts.

In short: the better your content, the higher the rankings; the higher the rankings, the greater the traffic, and the greater the traffic, the higher the enquiries.

Most firms assume this means production of content, often for content’s sake. This can mean a blog saturated with internal news, current awareness and other content with a very limited shelf life.

What we want is a strategy that delivers evergreen, useful, informative content to your customers at the right time for them. 

April - Perform a Content Audit

If you have a website, the first step is to perform a content audit. This is a data-driven review of all the content on your website with a view to seeing what works, what doesn’t and deciding which of it to keep, which of it to review and which to restructure.

The first port of call is Google Analytics (if, of course, your site has it installed! - you can find out here: http://www.gachecker.com/

Then, navigate to the left sidebar and click “behaviour”, “site content” and “all pages”. This will show you a list of all the pages on your site and associated metrics.

Make sure you set the date range in the top right to a suitable time period - 2-3 years ought to be enough although you can go back further if you have data.

For present purposes, we’re most interested in the column headings ‘page views’ and ‘bounce rate’:

The first of these, page views, tell us which pages are most read by your users. Clearly we want to keep the highest-performing ones and whittle away those that add nothing.

We can also make a judgement on which ones aren’t performing and improve those. If, for instance, conveyancing is one of your key practice areas but no one is reading that page, then we need to work out why and fix it (more on that in the ‘May’ section below)

Bounce rate is next - those are pages that people are visiting but more or less immediately leaving. Again, we need to work out why and remedy that (again more on that below).

The next step is to pull together EVERYTHING on the site using a tool like https://www.screamingfrog.co.uk/seo-spider/ 

This will help you find everything on the site and put it into a spreadsheet. Helpfully, it also shows key SEO elements such as heading tags which you can work on improving. 

May - Research, Rewrite & Restructure

Once you have pulled together all of your content into a spreadsheet and decided what you are keeping, the next step is to decide HOW to improve it.

The tools we recommend for this are:

Answer the Public - this tool lets you type in a word or phrase and see what internet users are searching for. Helpfully, it provides this information in the form of questions.


You should use these as the basis for reworking your existing content (by including these as keywords) and writing fresh content to fill any gaps.

The other tool we recommend is Semrush’s Keyword Magic Tool. This suggests keywords, gives you an estimated volume for this keyword and also indicates how difficult it will be to rank in Google for that keyword. 

This is a paid tool but it offers a 7-day free trial which is sufficient for present purposes.

There’s also the excellent TextOptimiser which provides a more hand-holding type service and, again, offers a free trial which is more than adequate to get you started.

Once you’ve worked out what keywords you need to add to your text you do, of course, need to edit the site which may be easier said than done! If you aren’t sure how to do this, you can find out what platform your site is built on by visiting https://builtwith.com/ and entering your site’s address. 

June - Plan Ahead

Now that you have improved the website and reworked your content, it’s time to plan ahead.

What we want to do now is develop a content marketing calendar to make sure your content is delivered regularly and reliably. As with so many things, a content marketing strategy is often embarked upon with gusto then left to fall by the wayside as other priorities get in the way.

Putting in place a marketing calendar can provide a buttress against letting things slide.

Use Tools

There are any number of tools that can be used to develop a content calendar. A simple spreadsheet like Google Sheets (which we prefer over Excel for its cloud-saving function) or a more sophisticated tool like Asana or Monday.com

Or, you can steal our Law Firm Marketing Editorial Calendar simply click the link, click “file” and “make a copy” to copy it to your own Google drive!

It contains two calendars - an editorial roadmap to let you plan ahead for certain events - public events like Easter, for example, and legal and firm-specific events: 

It also contains a Calendar set to enable you to produce 2 pieces per month although you can edit it to add more, should you wish:



Based on your research above you can plan a blend of both proactive content (ie that which is planned ahead and ‘evergreen’) and ‘reactive’ content which gives you scope to write on something in the news at that time.

As ever, we hope you find this useful and practical. If you’d like to discuss any of this further please contact Chris on 03333 442 722 or email (click here).

Your 2022 Marketing Calendar Part 1
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