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Top 5 benefits of content marketing for law firms

Most lawyers have managed to harness the power of the written word for their practices. But not many have been able to use their writing mastery to its fullest for web marketing purposes. With the Internet continuing to evolve, the good news is that proficient content marketing has never been more powerful than it is today. We thought it would be useful to explain in basic terms what content marketing is and why it is an essential aspect of a law firm’s online marketing strategy.content-marketing-for-lawyers-uk

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is the drafting, publication and sharing of content to attract, engage and acquire prospective clients and to engage and sell more to existing clients. It does indeed include offline publications such as newspapers or journals, and it also includes many relatively untapped avenues online such as law firm websites, blogs and social media channels. The type of material shared for the purpose of content marketing is, often, closely related to your services and is designed to educate people so that they trust you enough to retain you. The format of the piece can be anything from a simple article layout on a website or blog post to a downloadable ebook or even YouTube video.

Top 5 benefits of content marketing

1. Brand awareness

Content marketing can have a significant effect on your brand awareness. Indeed, some, such as CopyBlogger, have suggested that content marketing is the new branding. Publishing useful content and using it to educate, interest and engage target audiences, particularly through social media, lawyers, firms and other businesses are able to explode their word of mouth marketing. As Bryan Rhoads, head of global strategy at Intel, has blogged “[t]oday’s web is an endless 24/7 cycle fed by content and social actions. In this cycle, brands are realizing that content is currency and social actions are the transactions in this marketplace for eyeballs and attention."

2. Lead generation

Lead generation (i.e. generating interest in products or services rather than direct sales) is another main benefit of content marketing. An online survey of 440 b2b marketing professionals conducted earlier this year by BtoB found that 51% of respondents cited lead generation as being the most significant result of content marketing.

3. SEO

Google’s algorithm changes constantly, although 2012 saw some its biggest updates, known as the Panda, Penguin and Exact Match Domain (EMD) updates. The main message that Google is sending marketers is that content and context are king. Investment in content marketing provides law firms with the opportunity to write and publish unique content, either on their own website or elsewhere, which helps to get them ranking highly in search engine results. The higher in search engines your firm’s website appears, the more traffic and enquiries you will get as a result.

4. Social media

Social media (blogs, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook etc) plays a large part in any successful content marketing strategy, not only in helping initially distribute the content, but also in encouraging and indeed being the main platform for engagement with relevant audiences. Generally, the more useful content is shared, the stronger and more loyal your social media connections will become.

5. Thought leadership

Last, but certainly not least, content marketing gives you a chance to display thought leadership in certain areas. While it doesn’t have to be completely ground-breaking, there may be some areas of practice where there is little published material. You may be surprised how many gaps there are online that are shouting out for valuable content to be published.

How can we help?

Moore Legal Technology not only gives you access to a team of first class online legal publishers, but we also offer state-of-the-art blogging technology for your firm’s website and inbound marketing expertise to help ensure that you achieve all of the benefits outlined above. If you’d like to speak to one of our team about developing your content marketing strategy to generate business online, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 0845 620 5664 or complete our online enquiry form.

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