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Tools for Lawyers Working Remotely

moore legal technology tools for remote working

Keep your business moving 

We don’t need to wax lyrical about the importance of keeping your business moving through challenging times, but you might need some help keeping your law firm online when your bricks and mortar home is out of bounds.

The technology available to us is ever-changing, and there are many ways in which you can leverage it for your business. You also need to ensure that your clients know you are available – ultimately, the more options for your clients to get in touch, the better. Below are some examples of times when you need to consider your remote working tools:

  • Instant messaging in place of office small talk
  • Internal meetings with full video and audio - no matter how many members
  • Client calls on your mobile
  • Video chats with your prospects
  • Online file sharing
  • E-signatures instead of in-person signatures
  • Virtual 121s on a laptop or mobile

Here at Moore Legal Technology, we are well versed in remote working. Below we share our favourite tools to supplement your existing legal case management software, and some additions that might help you and your law firm succeed remotely.

Our Top Picks


The gold standard in instant communication for business: with endless options for teams, channels, private messaging and even hashtag shortcuts, this tool allows you to communicate with your team instantly.


Top Tip: Start with 4 channels: General (for general info and announcements), Water-Cooler-Chat (for times when you just need to talk about Netflix), Today/Scrum (ask your team members to check in first thing in the morning with what’s on their agenda, and allow opportunities to help each other), and finally, a Dream Team channel (to shine a light on colleagues who have helped you or gone over and above in their role)

Cost: Free

Best for: Internal communication

Runner up: For smaller teams, a simple WhatsApp group can be effective. For larger teams, Microsoft applications such as Teams can be a great alternative

Microsoft Teams

If you use Office for your emails, chances are you already have access to Teams. Microsoft’s answer to video calling with both internal and external team members. Set up groups and team in here for dedicated spaces to video call, share messages and documents.


Top Tip: Ensure you’re in a good WiFi zone, and ideally use a headset to hold calls as outside interference can be particularly loud on your call

Cost: Free with existing Microsoft subscription such as Office 365

Best for: Video calls with team members and external guests

Runner up: Zoom

WhatsApp & FaceTime

Both applications, available as mobile apps, are great for calling and video calling individuals on their mobile phone number. WhatsApp works on all mobile devices and uses a WiFi connection to connect. FaceTime works on Apple devices only and allows you to video call more than one person at a time.

WhatsApp - https://www.whatsapp.com/

FaceTime – https://support.apple.com/en-gb/HT204380

Top Tip: Check with your recipient which mobile device they have, and ensure they have the relevant app downloaded before you try to call

Cost: Free

Best for: Video calls with individuals, both internal and external

Runner up: Skype

Google Drive

Google Drive allows you to manage, edit and collaborate on documents seamlessly. Manage your files online and edit in-browser. Sync your desktop folders with Google Drive so you can work efficiently whether you’re on your home computer or logging on from a browser.


Top Tip: All collaborators need to have a Google account which can be set up with your work email address 

Cost: Free with options to upgrade

Best for: Editing and collaborating on documents

Runner up: DropBox


Need your clients to sign documents on a regular basis? DocuSign can help you do this safely, reliably and legally whilst you are unable to meet them in person.


Cost: Free with options to upgrade

Best for: Sending documents confidentially and gaining signatures 

Runner up: Hello Sign 

Get in touch 

Our priority at this time is to help you communicate with your clients as effectively as possible. If you are uncertain as to what tools, software or applications your law firm might use to allow you to conduct business as normal, but in a non-face-to-face way, we are always here to help. Get in touch Chris Davidson today on and see how we can help you. 

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