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Think like an octopus: Internet marketing for law firms and others

Further to our blog post outlining our top tips for Internet marketing for professional services firms in 2012, we have produced a short presentation on YouTube. This explains our approach to Internet marketing for law firms and others:-

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Video Transcription

Hi, I’m Stephen Moore from Moore legal technology. We are a company that specialises in generating business online for professional services companies and internet marketing. At the beginning of this year we wrote a brief blog post detailing our top tips for 2012.
One of the first of these top tips which you’ll find on our website was to think a bit more like an octopus. What were really getting at was how represent our internet marketing strategy for our customers. The idea really is that the website should be like the head of an octopus, with a number of tentacles reaching off elsewhere. At the centre should be your control panel which is really the octopuses head. The tentacles are made up of elements relating to design, Search Engine Optimisation, social media and content. Take the first element: the website. It’s the most important. That should be your control panel. If you get that wrong it’s unlikely that you’re going to be able to achieve any of the other objectives.

1. Design.

The first element we look at when designing a website is design. The key priority here is to ensure that you are absolutely crystal clear about your objectives. What is it that you actually want customers to do? Design for the web or internet marketing is not about pretty pictures it’s about your business objectives. If you don’t define them clearly your design won’t be right. I thought it might be useful to preface our discussion with a diagram which shows the internet marketing strategy of most firms when I started. It looks a lot more straightforward. Simply: website, which was static, brochure based, about the firm, contact details; if some were getting a bit more advanced they’d also have some e-coms, some electronic bulletins.

2. Search

The next element – were going through these in no real order of priority or importance, they should just all work together from the centre. The next element is: how is your website going to present to search. There are a number of implications in terms of the decisions you make when choosing a content management system which will have an implication on search. Firstly you must work out if people are searching for your services? Are they using the terms you use to describe them? If not, change it. Is there a sufficient volume there or should you be thinking of something else. When we talk about search we really mean Google, Bing and Yahoo.

3. Mobile

The third element were looking at is mobile. There was a recent study, sponsored by google, which indicate that the web economy is set to double by 2016 with by far the biggest growth coming from access to the internet via smartphones. The way we approach things is to look much more at responsive web-design. This means that we design your website once, and it resizes itself automatically depending on the type of device.

4. Content

Once you begin to have your site together - which is after the design, search and mobile phase - you then really have to think about on-going content. There is nothing more off-putting to a potential customer than arriving at a site to and seeing that the news was last updated in 2010. On-going content is critical, it also helps with designing more search and more interaction via mobile devices.

5. Google+

One of the biggest changes in internet marketing at the end of 2011, beginning of 2012 has been Google’s renewed focus on Google+. Some commentators are effectively saying that Google is essentially becoming Google+. Google+ is Google’s own social network. What has changed is that results from Google+ are going to be given more prominence over organic search engine rankings. A key component of your online marketing strategy has to be how you are going to engage on Google+.

6. LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter

The three elements at the top (just so we can make it up to 8 legs!) are: LinkedIn, twitter and Facebook. These are the three social media channels which have the greatest prominence currently, although they are subject to change. Our objective with each of these tentacles, each of these areas, is to drive traffic back to your website. Your website, if designed correctly, should be set up in such a way so that it drives all these visitors to carry out a specific action once they arrive at your site. What you’re hoping for via these channels is that you reach a much broader audience with your content. The objective with all of them based round your website is to drive as much traffic as possible back to your website. Your website is where you are in control: you have your calls to action set up, your encouraging people to do what they want to do, your tracking your visits coming from each of these areas..
What you should end up with is a finely tuned machine, or a finally tuned octopus!
Moore Legal Technology declares its Pinterest
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