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The Benefits of Thought Leadership Content for Law Firms

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According to a study carried out by Edelman and LinkedIn, 83% of buyers believed ‘thought leadership’ increases their trust in an organisation. Furthermore, 88% said they use this type of content – which communicates a company’s talent, experience and passion – when building a list of potential suppliers and 47% of c-suite executives agreed that it had a direct impact on how they awarded business. This is compelling evidence in favour of establishing your firm as a thought leader.

For law firms and other professional services, being a thought leader is a crucial element for success. Senior Content Strategist, Anthony Gaenzle from US law firm Saxton & Stump says:

"Your team is a critical part of your brand. This is especially true in fields like healthcare, marketing, legal and other areas that require true experts. Your clients or customers want to know that they're hiring or purchasing from knowledgeable individuals with a lot of experience in their respective fields, so being able to convey that message in your marketing and PR is important for success and growth."

The legal sector is crowded and competitive, and clients are ever more discerning. However, creating thought leadership content and being viewed as knowledgeable and skilled in your practice areas can be one of the most effective ways to win business. Let’s look further at why we help our clients become thought leaders as part of their digital marketing strategies.

Evolution of online content

Content is still king of marketing initiatives. However, what it takes to stand out and to win business online has significantly shifted. In previous years, having a website with informative content was enough to rank well and to get your phone ringing. Over time, search engine ranking has become increasingly sophisticated, and competitive, as more and more law firms create an online presence. Ten years on, it is challenging to stand out online and create content that your target market hasn’t read a hundred times before. 

This is where thought leadership articles come in. There is a huge amount of content creation going on every day. Most content creators will turn to thought leaders for inspiration, ideas and advice. If you are regarded as a thought leader in your area of expertise, this can create a snowball effect for your online reputation, your rankings and your business.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Ranking in search engines is an essential part of your online strategy. We strive to keep on top of SEO developments to ensure that our clients perform well. One of the key metrics of how search engines rank websites and web pages is how many times another site links to your content, or how often your content is shared across social media. Thought leadership pieces are far more likely to be linked to and shared than mediocre content. As discussed above, when content creators use and reference your content, this not only enhances your reputation but can improve your rankings too.

Reputation management

Your reputation may be one of the most valuable assets you have as an individual or as a business. For many of our clients, taking care of their reputation is a key aspect of what they wish to achieve online. We use thought leadership content, created in collaboration with our clients, to enhance their reputation. Our strategic network of online publishers only accepts the highest quality content; this means original ideas, new concepts and innovative thinking.

An additional benefit of reputation management is that when potential clients search for your brand name, the first page of results will be flooded with recognisable websites and high-quality insights. You are essentially controlling how your brand presents online

Retention marketing and demand generation

Digital marketers have predicted retention marketing to be one of the key trends for 2020. An initial boom in online growth meant that obtaining new customers was straightforward, but now winning business from existing customers or contacts is essential to law firm success. When you regularly provide your clients or target clients with accurate and valuable information, you build trust, credibility and rapport. Your clients feel loyal to you because you are in regular contact with them and provide them with useful insights – making them far less likely to switch to a competitor.

These are just some of the ways creating thought leadership content can have a positive impact on your brand, improve your online presence and win business, but there are many more. From PR and press opportunities to building connections with others in your industry, thought leadership can revolutionise the way you do business. To collaborate with our team on thought leadership articles, get in touch with our content team today.

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