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Welcome to our blog. Here we'll post news and updates which relate to our core business of helping law firms grow.

Moore Legal Technology experiences international growth


It’s been an exciting start to the year for Moore Legal Technology, with new clients from the Cayman Islands and Malta joining our expanding client roster.

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2018 and beyond: Our Legal Futures…

Legal Futures Blog Cover

It’s that time of year again. Thinking about what’s gone before us and planning for the future - looking at what we do, how we do it, and more importantly, who we do it for.

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Inbound marketing for law firms - For those about to flock.


This post was originally published in November 2014, but is still as relevant to law firms today as it was back then. Republished in honour of Malcolm Young, founding member of AC/DC. (N.B. there are 9 references to AC/DC songs throughout this article. We will send a £20 iTunes voucher to the first person who gets in touch to tell us what they are)

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SEO tips in the legal sector – What law firms need to know to acquire new clients

seo for law firms 2016 spam example
business lawyers new york seo local search rankings example

How many spam SEO emails does your firm get from the ‘next top SEO company from India with thousands of SEO experts around the world’? We hear from partners in law firms every week about how they’ve had an email like the one in the attached screengrab below. So it’s no surprise that SEO (and perhaps more broadly internet marketing) sometimes gets a bad name. You may get such an email and just delete it instantly, perhaps preceded with some swearing. That’s perfectly normal. That’s what I and my colleagues do too (yes, even our legal SEO experts get bombarded with similar emails each day, and yes we have a swear jar in the office).

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Law Firm SEO: Keeping up with Google. 5 Recent Important Changes


As we specialise in generating business online for our law firm and professional service clients, Moz is one of our main sources of information when it comes to all things digital. Their recent article The Month Google Shook the SERPs highlights the ephemeral nature of Google’s search engine result pages (SERP). 

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Moore Legal Technology – International Strategic Technology Consultancy (sounds good, doesn't it!)

Hello, g’day, nín hǎo. It’s been an exciting week for the team at Moore Legal Technology, one which sees us reach another milestone in our growth as we pick up our first international accounts with a project in Australia and one in Hong Kong.

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Seminar Slides - Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for Sole Practitioners: Getting You Found Online

Photo of @GavWard at #RFPG on Twitpic

Earlier this week I presented to the Glasgow Sole Practitioners’ Group at The Royal Faculty of Procurators on the subject of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for Sole Practitioners: Getting You Found Online.

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Top 7 Internet Marketing Tips for Law Firms and Lawyers

Internet marketing strategies 2013

We recently blogged our top 7 online marketing tips for professional services companies for the year. Here are our top digital marketing tips for law firms, lawyers and other businesses to get the most from their online marketing efforts and investment.

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Exact-Match Domains (EMD), Panda and Penguin: Latest SEO Updates

Google's algorithm that determines the order of search rankings changes all the time and it's the job of the SEO team to stay on top of these changes to ensure clients' websites and online presence continues to perform as best as they can.

Within the past month there have been three significant updates to Google's algorithm. These are summarised as follows:-

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Google+ Local and Google+ Business Pages Finally Merging: Will Your Firm Be Found?


Further to our recent post announcing the inception of Google+ Local which has replaced Google Places and subsequent comments, Google has recently announced that it is now possible to merge your Google+ Local listing with your Google+ business page (if you have already set one up).

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Penguins, Pandas and Modern SEO: Should Lawyers Be Concerned?

Penguin SEO Update image courtesy of cnystrom on Flickr

Significant changes are taking place with Google’s search engine algorithms and it’s important for all SEOs to keep up-to-date and understand the changes, but it is equally important for lawyers to know that their SEO teams can be trusted and aren’t using black-hat tactics to get them to the top of the Google rankings.

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Is your law firm's website 'overly optimised'? Google may soon penalise it


Google is in the process of changing its search engine so that sites that are 'overly optimised' will be penalised in the search engine rankings.

According to CNET News, Google aims to 'level the playing field' for other websites who do not concentrate as heavily on search engine optimisation ('SEO'). CNET cites an audio clip from Barry Schwartz over at Search Engine Land in respect of a panel discussion at the recent South by Southwest conference ('SXSW'), where Google's Matt Cutts discusses the proposals.

Schwartz quotes Cutts as saying that Google aims to "level the playing field" regarding "all those people doing, for lack of a better word, over optimization or overly SEO--versus those making great content and great sites...We are trying to make GoogleBot smarter, make our relevance better, and we are also looking for those who abuse it, like too many keywords on a page, or exchange way too many links or go well beyond what you normally expect."

Schwartz notes that the changes should start to affect search engine results "in the upcoming month or next few weeks."

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3 new practice area specific twitter accounts from Moore Legal Technology: Follow us

Moore Legal Technology has now launched a definitive twitter account for each of our main areas of expertise together with our main Twitter account. All of these areas of our expertise help our customers to generate more business online:

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Infographic on web design, SEO & social media: 42% of search users click the top ranking link

The Anatomy of a perfect website

According to a recent website design, SEO and social media infographic by R.O.I. Media, a significant 42% of search users click the top ranking link when they perform a search in a search engine. 8% of users will click the second link and, thereafter, the click-through rate (CTR) drops. The research also indicates that 62% of search users click links on the first page of search results for any given term.

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7 Internet Marketing Tips for Professional Services Companies in 2012

Web Growth 2012

With the news that the economic worth of activity on the Internet is set to spiral upward during the course of the next few years (indeed the web economy is set to double by 2016) we thought it might be an idea to give you a few of our tips for 2012.

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Google making massive changes to its search algorithm, but not without criticism

As search engines and search engine marketing continue to evolve, Google has announced in a blog post that it is making one of its most radical transformations ever. Following on from their introduction to Social Search, they are continuing their transformation with the rollout of their “Search Plus Your World” format, comprising three main features:- personal results, profiles in search and people & pages.

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If your law firm has a blog, knowing how Google works can help

How Google Works.

For those lawyers interested in boosting their law firm's presence on the web, particularly those using blogs to do so, it is important to know about SEO ("search engine optimisation") or, at least, know that you can trust your online business generation consultant to understand it proficiently.

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Facebook and your Law Firm Website's Search Engine Rankings

Facebook is the social media application that lawyers are often most cynical about. This is closely followed by twitter, unless the firm is already on twiiter and seeing the benefits of engaging.

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Search Engine Optimisation For Law Firms and the Periodic Table


Its an accepted generalisation that lawyers are seen as being good with words, not numbers. At school this manifested itself in good results for subjects like English, History and French whereas Physics, Chemistry and Maths were given a body swerve. Weren't they? Is this just me?

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There’s no point in buying a Ferrari and keeping it in your garage

Unless you can no longer afford the petrol….

Recently we have been reviewing a lot of professional services firm websites and in spite of the fact that we shouldn’t be, we remain surprised at how many of them are being let down by proprietary content management systems.

Larger organisations often have vast amounts of content and good domain histories, and as such they should routinely rank well for the short tail and longer tail keyphrases related to their services. It would appear that often poor on page optimisation arising from inadequate CMS functionality is holding them back.

Traditionally larger professional service companies would have taken the view that ‘we do not wish to be instructed by members of the public and as such search engine rankings are not important to us’ but as internet usage continues to grow, particularly mobile internet searches, they run the risk of only being found by those who already know them thereby losing out on countless opportunities to grow their brand, extend their influence and reinforce their authority.

Recent research by Forrester (as brought to our attention by Ben at Barker Brooks) titled The Rise of the Digital C-Suite, where ‘C-Suite’ is a term used to describe the chief executives, heads of finance and heads of information at the 10000 most successful companies in the world highlighted that not only is the internet the C-Suite’s top information resource but also that members of the C-Suite search for information themselves.

So, back to the title of this post; if you have a strong professional online presence which is not being presented properly to search engines as a result of a content management system which is not fit for purpose then, effectively, you’re keeping the Ferrari in the garage.

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