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Congratulations to our client Family Law Matters Scotland on the launch of their new business and associated website. Family Law Matters Scotland is a firm of specialist family law solicitors. Based in Glasgow, their award winning lawyers provide advice and information across a broad range of family law matters in Scotland.

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Shooting fish for lawyers

One of the things we appreciate about designing, optimising and enhancing legal websites is that they are, from a functionality perspective, pretty straightforward. Often they won't involve sophisticated queries, algorithms or logic. This doesn't mean that you can't get them badly wrong, but it does mean if you get them right they can really take off and deliver a steady stream of enquiries.

Shop windows

Legal websites are often designed as attractive shop windows which, if optimised, will market your services to as many people as possible with a view to converting browsers into paying customers. Taking into account all the hard work that you've probably done to get a visitor onto your site in the first place it is important to ensure that the process of converting visitors into paying customers is as effective as possible.

This process will either be helped or hindered by the presentational design of the pages on which visitors alight. These pages are called landing pages and correct optimisation will result in search engine queries directing relevant traffic to relevant pages.

What you don't want:

Somebody enters the query 'compromise agreements liverpool' and they arrive on the homepage of your site which details the full range of services you offer.

What you do want:

Somebody enters the query 'compromise agreements liverpool' and they arrive on compromise agreement service page of your site, which explains why they should instruct you, what others have said that have used you to do this before and also, how they should get in touch with you.

How to create the perfect landing page

In the world of ecommerce the creation of the perfect landing page is a never ending challenge, but here are our top tips for creating the perfect legal website landing page (based on experience).

  1. Make sure your tell your website visitors if you offer free initial consultations. Think of the techniques used online, such as web discounts;
  2. Include links, badges and logos to professional organisations that you are a member of. Make sure these elements are prominent and above the fold (i.e. in the top two thirds of the homepage). This should cascade throughout the site (i.e. if you are a member of the family law association display this on your family law related service pages);
  3. Include as many relevant testimonials as possible. (i.e. don't include a testimonial for employment law services on a property page);
  4. Include details of any awards which you have won;


The above should be read as general guide, but in addition you should consider the following psychological factors affecting engagement:

  1. offer comfort to the visitor by indicating how you can help them;
  2. indicate how your advice will help them now and in the future;
  3. how do you reassure them that you interests are perfectly aligned with theirs and that you are not going to run up huge bills with little return.



To illustrate this process, below are two examples of websites we've designed for clients which help to develop lucrative streams of enquiries:-

Immigration Barrister legal website design

Lawford Kidd legal website design

Guaranteed enquiries?

Often when working with solicitors to develop law firm websites we are asked how we are able to provide a guarantee that the website will generate X number of enquiries for that firm each month. The answer is that we work to ensure that the above steps are completed. Those steps, in addition to strong on-page and off-page SEO factors, help to ensure that relevant visitors are converted into valuable clients.

Contact us

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