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"Social Media Strategy for Personal Injury Lawyers" by Eilidh Dunn: MLT's Summer Applicant Blogs

We recently interviewed some great candidates for a summer internship at Moore Legal Technology and as part of this, we invited the candidates to write a blog post regarding online marketing and the challenges faced by law firms today. We thought it would be useful, given the amount of work they put in, to share their posts here and give each of them some well-deserved recognition and appreciation for their posts. 

This blog, by Eilidh Dunn, is about social media strategy for personal injury lawyers

Social Media Strategy for Personal Injury Lawyers

Effective use of social media will be an invaluable tool for personal injury lawyers. In such a fiercely competitive market, it is imperative for personal injury lawyers to differentiate themselves from their numerous competitors.
Consumers are at present, inundated with over-dramatic television marketing for personal injury lawyers, leaving consumers with the impression that the industry lacks integrity. Personal injury lawyers have been often called ‘ambulance-chasers’.
However, legislation coming in to effect starting next month will have great repercussions for personal-injury lawyers. The payment of referral fees to ‘farmers’ who sell potential claims to law firms is being out-lawed. For the majority of personal-injury firms, this was the chief method of marketing and way of obtaining custom.

Personal-injury lawyers must now be proactive and reshape their marketing strategy; it is a fantastic opportunity for social media to be embraced.
Social media could be an extremely efficient method for personal-injury lawyers to establish integrity in their brand, make it seem more personal and crucially, distinguish them from the vast array of competitors.

What next? Social Media Strategy

The first vital step would be the creation of a well-designed, easy-to-navigate website with rich content. The website must be consistent in its message and branding. It must contain who you are, what you do and why you can be differentiated from competitors. Most personal injury lawyers and firms will already have a website but what is crucial, is that all efforts are made to ensure it receives maximum traffic.


The law is ever-changing, and there is constant online commentary about it. It is important that personal-injury lawyers are seen to be involved, aware of and discussing on the law as it evolves. Regular blogs help to make a firm seem more personal, dynamic and importantly, knowledgeable.

Social Media Profiles

Social media profiles must be made on websites such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, extending the same consistent message and branding as the website. All three have their merits and are extremely useful for lawyers in general for a number of reasons:

  • They are a source of information about what is being said about the personal-injury lawyers, competitors and commentary on the law. 
  • Creating contacts and communicating with existing contacts: LinkedIn and Twitter create great opportunity for creating contacts, obviously a vital business exercise. It is also extremely easy to keep in touch with and maintain contacts using them.
  • Creating a platform: using social media is the most cost-effective method of growing a large platform and increasing brand awareness.  A blog post or article can receive previously unfathomable exposure by being ‘tweeted’ on Twitter, posted and shared on Facebook and posted on LinkedIn.
  • Driving traffic to website: all three websites are instruments that can be easily used to drive traffic to the website, if every social media activity contains a link to the website, increased traffic will be inevitable.
  • Influence consumers: the power of social media to influence consumers by referrals and recommendations cannot be underestimated. A Tweet or recommendation on Facebook from a satisfied client is invaluable. It creates a personal touch which, in personal-injury law, is imperative.

    It seems irrefutable that social media must be adopted by personal-injury lawyers, and all lawyers for that matter, in their marketing efforts. It is an innovation that must be embraced and the rewards shall follow. 
"Social Media Strategy for Personal Injury Lawyers
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