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"Social Media Strategy for Employment Lawyers" by Alasdair Craig: MLT's Summer Applicant Blogs

We recently interviewed some great candidates for a summer internship at Moore Legal Technology and as part of this, we invited the candidates to write a blog post regarding online marketing and the challenges faced by law firms today. We thought it would be useful, given the amount of work they put in, to share their posts here and give each of them some well-deserved recognition and appreciation for their posts. 

This blog, by Alasdair Craig, discusses social media strategy for employment lawyers.


Social media strategy for Employment lawyers

In a particularly quickly developing area of law such as employment it is important that clients feel they are kept informed and updated on issues that could potentially affect their enterprise.

This effect can be created by developing a ‘blog-culture’, writing small, easily digested, blog posts to inform clients in relevant developments of the law. Not only can these blogs be used to ensure fee-earners are proficient in articulating exactly what these developments mean to clients, but also to increase awareness and brand value of the law firm via social media outlets.

In an area of law such as employment, where changes such as alternations to length of paternity leave may not be heavily publicised may lead to potential litigation against a client due to their failure to implement. Producing blog posts is not only good practise to keep fee-earners current in the law, but publicising these also increases exposure on the internet via search engines and raises the brand value of the firm and increasing awareness of the ability of the firm. Creating informative and helpful posts means that the firm is perceived as current and knowledgeable in an area of law, in the case of employment law, an area that must be monitored due to its state of flux.

Not only does that give the perception that a client’s needs are being well catered for, but it also increases traffic on a firm’s website, and increases the possibility of potential clientele.

This is a strategy that the law firm Morton Fraser employs effectively, creating a rich catalogue of informative legal articles, updates on current issues and propositions of reform. Access to this database may be useful for employees of the firm (particularly trainees and paralegals) but also for students who may find such resources incredibly useful for reference. Again, this increases traffic to the firm’s website, raising exposure, adding brand value while also opening an avenue of communications with newly trained lawyers so as to optimise employment possibilities.

When developing these posts it is important that search engine optimisation is catered for to increase traffic. This must be a balance between creating a piece of writing that is informative and high quality while bearing in mind what a client may type to find a solution to their particular legal problem. Persons who have no legal training will primarily read these and as such the legal jargon must be kept to a minimum. The key element on these posts is to increase exposure through being relevant and helpful and thus being more accessible than competitors.

Pinsent Masons is a legal firm that operates a blog called Outlaw that provides this service effectively. Pinsent’s media strategy is co-ordinated through this blog, creating posts, announcing workshops and seminars and posting career updates, increasing their attractiveness to both clients and students. Linklaters is another firm that uses their twitter and other social media accounts to become incredibly accessible to users.

What must be taken from these strategies is that being accessible (perhaps via the development of an app or social media account) and pro-active towards clients and potential clients or employees’ increases the brand value of a firm and creates awareness. An investment of social media strategy such as this is justified, being mutually beneficial to both the firm and those outside the firm, while raising exposure in constantly changing areas of law 

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"Social Media Strategy for Family Law Lawyers" by
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