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Our Nicole Donald Awarded New Google-Backed Digital Marketing Qualification - A Squared Experience

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At Moore Legal Technology, we are always looking for new ways to keep up to date with the latest digital marketing trends and ways in which we can refresh and improve our skills to help our law firm clients acquire more online enquiries and ultimately beat their competition online.

My colleague Douglas Millar and I have both now not only invested many hours into this Google-backed course, but we have now both been awarded the Squared Online Certificate in Digital Marketing as a result. Below is a summary of some of the key experiences and lessons I took away from the course and Douglas’s blog will follow in due course with some of his key takeaways. We hope this will be of use for any readers, particularly the larger law firms looking to put their own legal marketing staff through this course.

What is Squared Online (Google Squared)?

When we discovered there was an online digital marketing course developed with Google, we were keen to find out more.  ‘Squared Online’ is an online digital marketing course developed with Google, endorsed by the IPA and IBA and CPD certified. The 6 month course is designed to ‘develop high calibre digital talent and leadership’. The course consists of 5 modules*:

  • Induction: Welcome to the Revolution
  • A Connected World
  • Think Disruptive
  • Think Like a Brand
  • Think Optimised
  • The Ongoing Revolution

*Please note that the course is constantly changing to adapt to changes in digital marketing and from feedback from past and present squares.

Online classes are typically held once a week (occasionally two) featuring high profile guest speakers. It requires around 6-8 hours of work a week as you have pre and post class activities as well group projects to work through.

What Have I Learned?

The course is typically targeted at beginner to intermediate level digital marketers but don’t let that put you off as the course is so varied that there will be at least one module that you’re not an expert in. The course starts off pretty light, touching on basic marketing and social media aspects but as the weeks go on, it gets much more intense and there is a lot to take in. The modules which I found most beneficial were module 4 (Think Optimised) and module 5 (The ongoing Revolution).

Think Optimised

Module 4 delves in to the world of Google Analytics – exploring how to collect and interpret data. It also examines some of its key reporting features and how to use them. We use Google Analytics every day to track and measure our clients’ website data. This module not only shows you how to collect the data but what to do with it next and ways in which you can improve the data for the next month. I found this module the most beneficial as it gave me a real framework to work with, giving me a much deeper knowledge on how to utilise each tool for the specific needs of our clients.

Note that you can read our ultimate guide to web analytics for law firms here.

The Ongoing Revolution

Module 5 explores the latest trends and fads in digital marketing and explains the need for innovation and organisational change driven by the changes in clients' expectations. This was an interesting module as it looked at the trends in consumer behaviour and innovations in technology, and considered how these impact digital marketing. Module 5 also explores the concept of organisational agility, in addition to taking a deeper look at how innovation and change are impacting the client experience - and how the client experience feeds back into further innovation and change. This was useful for our company to reflect the way in which things are done and how we can make the most of our internal strategies that will help to benefit our client and their experience with us.

Note that we also offer business development services for law firms – find out more.

Overall, the course gets you to think outside the box, it gets you to work together with a group of people from all over the world. It is mostly a lesson in leadership, strategy and team-working.  

How to join Squared Online

You can find out more about the Squared Online course and how to join here.

Let us take care of your Law Firm’s Digital Strategy

Our team of highly skilled digital and legal marketing experts are on-hand to help you generate business online. If you want to find out how we can help your law firm succeed, get in touch today, and look out for my colleague Douglas’s upcoming blog, sharing his experiences with the Squared Online qualification.

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