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My new career path - helping law firms succeed online

I recently began a new career with Moore Legal Technology having spent time working in the food and leisure sector. As a newcomer to the niche area of helping lawyers use the internet more effectively to grow their business, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Little did I know there was so much involved and that no two days would be the same.

Eager to learn, the first and most important steps were for me to develop a full understanding of our own goals, vision and, most importantly, mission and to start developing an understanding and awareness of the legal sector, particularly in the UK. Moore Legal Technology helps law firms of all shapes and sizes, throughout the UK and internationally, to increase their turnover, enhance their brand, improve their efficiency and future-proof their firm. With such lofty ambitions, I did wonder how I could help contribute to our, and our clients, success through the day-to-day work involved at assistant-level.

What I’ve learned so far

First and foremost, no two days are the same, not so far at least.… So, there is no easy way to describe my role or what a typical day in Curated House involves. What I can say is that I am constantly learning from my colleagues and getting to experience new approaches and tactics, including, for example, what works best for certain areas of practice and locations. One of the things that has surprised me the most is the culture of our team compared with other companies I’ve worked at in the past, particularly with regards to how readily new ideas and opinions are generated, exchanged and discussed daily.

As you’d expect, I started out with relatively straightforward tasks, but even some of the more straightforward tasks can have a significant effect on the performance of our client accounts. During regular, intensive training sessions with my team-mates, I have been introduced to various specialities (our ‘success drivers’), such as the following: -

  1. Local SEO - including optimisation using Google My Business, citation building and more, law firms cannot afford to be losing traffic from local audiences - people tend to search locally for their lawyer
  2. On-page SEO - internal linking, one of the crucial subdivisions of on-page SEO is all about helping your audience to navigate through your website effectively and helping Google’s spiders to crawl your website. Furthermore, they spread ‘link juice’ to target landing pages – a great way to achieve higher rankings in Google and other search engines.
  3. Content management – I’ve also been publishing and optimising some of the great legal content that our legal content marketers produce. To achieve optimal results from publishing content, it’s never just a case of copying and pasting and publishing – there is a great amount of technical skill that can be deployed.

A positive way to start our day in Curated House

Days at Moore Legal Technology’s offices at Curated House, tend to start like this: -

  • 0830 - over a coffee we have a chat with our colleagues about everything from the latest must see show on Netflix to heated debates about what the latest Google algorithm update will mean for our clients
  • 0900 - After checking Basecamp (our project management tool) for our tasks for the day ahead, we hold a ‘Scrum’, where we go through everyone’s main tasks that for the day.
  • 0915 - Then it’s a case of cracking on and ensuring all allocated tasks for clients are done on time.

Always Learning

Overall, one of the main things I’ve discovered so far is that we never stop learning, whether it’s new strategies, more advanced tactics or better ways of doing things to help our law firm clients succeed.

If you would like to learn more about how we can help you use the internet more effectively to grow your law firm, please contact Chris on 03333 442 722

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