Recently we have completed a number of projects involving the transfer of an existing website onto a much more robust, scalable and flexible content management system. An example of this is the Glasgow Bar Association’s website, which was redesigned not only to give the GBA much more control over their site, but also to provide greater accessibility for visitors, to strengthen calls-to-action to increase conversion rates and to provide greater visibility in search engines and on social media networks.


Chief Executive of the Glasgow Bar Association, Moira Deeney said:-

“Moore Legal Technology go that one step further. They are experts in customer care and offer a high quality and complete service from start to finish.  Within weeks of contacting them they had turned the Glasgow Bar Association website into a professional, user friendly site and one which exactly fits our needs.  I would highly recommend Moore Legal Technology”

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What did we do?

The redesign process consisted of several steps:-

First, we transferred the previous site onto a search engine friendly, open source content management system. The previous site had been created around ten years ago, which may not seem like much, but in terms of the speed of change with the web, it really is a long time and the effects were becoming noticeable;

Second, we optimised the existing pages, with clearer calls-to-action to increase visitor conversion rates and to channel visitors to those areas of the site in which they will be most interested;

Third, with the installation of a search engine and social media friendly blog, we were able to integrate the new site with social media channels, such as the GBA’s Twitter account. This will help the GBA not only update their own site by adding new content easily, but it will also allow them to get the most out of that content, with increasing relevant traffic finding the site both through search engines, such as Google and Bing, and social media channels; and

Finally, with reporting on web analytics, the GBA can see exactly how much traffic the site is generating, where it’s coming from and what can be done to enhance that further.

How can we help you?

We specialise in legal website design and can help your firm, particularly if one or more of the following applies to you:-

- if your site has not been designed to maximise opportunities to turn visitors into new business;

- if your pages haven’t been optimised to allow your firm to rank highly in natural search engine results for the key phrases associated with your services & location; or

- if there are few or no backlinks coming to your site indicating its importance to the search engines, thereby improving your search engine positions, particularly in competitive markets.

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