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Legal Market more Competitive than Ever

legal-profession-growingAccording to a recent report from the Law Society of Scotland, the number of practising Scottish solicitors has reached an all-time high of 11,000. That’s the equivalent of one solicitor for every 500 Scots.

The statistics revealed that 56% of member solicitors were under the age of 45, with the average person entering the profession at the age of 26.

The results also showed an increase in the number of recent female solicitors – with 69% of solicitors under 45 being women. In comparison, the total overall gender split of all ages comes in at 49% women and 51% men.

With the rise of the legal profession growing at a fast pace, what does this mean for current solicitors today? Competition, and lots of it.

Therefore, it is imperative to stay ahead of the competition and make sure you stand out from the crowd. So how do you do this?

Online Presence

If you haven’t already got a website, get one. This year, 74% of all adults bought goods or services online, according to the Office for National Statistics. Five years ago, internet marketing for solicitors was in its infancy; now, for most, it’s fundamental. 38 million adults (76%) in Great Britain access the Internet every day – most likely a Google search is the first thing they will do to find a solicitor near them. So, in order to get ahead of your competitors, you not only require a website, but you need your website to be found by those searching for relevant services.. Built properly, your website can achieve your business objectives. That includes targeting relevant traffic for your practice areas. Done incorrectly, with pretty pictures and no substance, and you risk paying thousands of pounds for something that just won’t generate income and will need redone in the future.

So how do you go about getting found on Google??

SEO & Unique Content

Being found on the internet is fundamental to the success of any online marketing effort. When people search for a service you can provide, of course you want your company’s name to appear as high in the search engine rankings as possible. With ongoing investment in SEO, particularly local SEO (targeting your main locations of practice, which could indeed be UK-wide), and unique content, you can achieve great organic non-paid listings in Google fairly quickly.

Overall, high quality, thorough and useful content, properly presented to search, will prevail. Indeed, content is now so important to how websites perform in search that we set up a stand-alone content marketing company for lawyers and barristers just to fulfil demand – see Curated Media, also on LinkedIn here.


Regularly updating your website with quality blog posts will generate more traffic for your website. Google views websites with regularly updated content as having more relevance, so it’s vital to have a blog that offers engaging, quality content on your website. Not only is a blog good for SEO and website traffic, but it can set you up as being an expert in your particular field. For example, if you’re an experienced property solicitor, why not offer helpful advice and tips that people will want to read about? This can help you to engage with your customers and build a client relationship before they have even picked up the phone. Following that, Social Media can be a brilliant way to connect with your clients and convey your brand image in the best way possible -- if used correctly). This is something we can help with.

social-media-for-law-firmsSocial Media Marketing for Law Firms

Social Media isn’t just for posting pictures of your dinner, or telling your friends what you’ve been up to. Social Media can be highly beneficial for your business and it is also one of the great ways to increase your business’s online presence.. According to a recent study by the Internet Advertising Bureau UK, nearly 80% of consumers would be more inclined to buy more often in the future because of a brand’s presence on Social Media.

If getting started for the first time, get your branding done professionally. Use a professional, consistent avatar, similar to that used on your website. Listen and engage more than you promote initially – you may not realise it, but there are more eyes on your updates that you might think. In addition to your organic growth on Twitter and LinkedIn, consider promoted posts. For instance, you may want to use LinkedIn to target, say, ‘Managing Directors’ in a certain location or a certain sector.

But don’t think it’s about ‘push marketing’, where you bombard your contacts with promotional updates. That kind of practice is often seen as spamming. ‘Pull marketing’, otherwise known as ‘inbound marketing’, is the best way to approach social media marketing. If you share useful information and connect with people without trying to make a sale -- or “close on the first date” -- you’re more likely to attract relevant people to you.

For further information, see the Benefits of Social Media for Law Firms.

Mobile Optimisation

Smartphones have changed the way we communicate, work and entertain ourselves. Access to the Internet using a mobile phone more than doubled between 2010 and 2014, from 24% to 58%. So many of us are so obsessed with our phones, constantly checking them and using them as our main device for getting online. So why are so many websites now not mobile responsive?

Over 24 million people in the UK use a smartphone or tablet to access the Internet. Across the world, the number of smartphones will soon overtake the number of people alive. So in saying that, it is evidently vital to make sure your website is fully-optimised and fully responsive on all devices – especially mobiles.

Have a look at our guide on mobile & responsive website design for more information on how you can benefit from having a responsive web design.

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