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Lawyers Establishing Authority Through Excellent Content Marketing

content marketing lawyers establishing authorityLeading business development consultant to lawyers and law firms in the UK Stephen Gold has published a number of new opinion pieces in the Journal of The Law Society of Scotland. In his latest piece, entitled Head and Shoulders Above: It’s visible experts who see off the competition, Stephen outlines how lawyers and professionals can win influence in a crowded marketplace; how they can establish authority and become ‘visible experts’.

Stephen shares various great insights and tips (including considering writing a book, investing in online video, speaking, blogging, SEO, LinkedIn and Twitter), but the one overarching principle that stood out to us and one which we’ll touch on today is this:-

“The competitive problem is that in mainstream practice, many have a good story to tell. What does it take to stand out? In a word, content, which means insight and information of genuine value, targeted strategically at the markets we want to be in and disseminated in ways calculated to create maximum visibility. It takes effort and investment to do this well, but the payoff is worth it. Frederiksen’s recently published research indicates that clients are willing to pay up to 13 times more for the right visible expert than for more obscure competitors. And he identifies a halo effect, which brings lustre to the whole firm, not just the individual.”

Content Marketing for Lawyers in the UK

We have seen a major transition over the past 10 years in the UK. Previously lawyers and law firms would try to withhold as much legal information, knowledge and expertise as possible and not publish it online. God forbid one of their potential clients might read it and be able to do their legal services in DIY style. Things have changed. Now being generous with content and information online is becoming essential. That’s not to say you need to publish all your know-how, but you do need to be providing much more value.

Today, to really stand out from the crowd and generate targeted, profitable business online, lawyers must be publishing high quality content – and lots of it, on an ongoing basis. Social media thought-leader Jay Baer calls it “giving away information snacks to sell knowledge meals". Indeed, he notes ‘Content is fire; social media is gasoline’. In a webinar Chris and I delivered for Hootsuite recently, we picked up on the importance of this.

The more great content you can provide to your audiences on your website and social channels, particularly that which engages your audience, the more chance you have of getting high quality (i.e. profitable, not all free advice/ legal aid) enquiries into your practice. And it doesn’t have to be all legal; indeed sometimes information and knowledge relevant to a certain sector can be even better.

We have already published many guides on the importance of great content marketing, with an inbound marketing mind-set, and indeed how to achieve this. Please see the following, written by various members of our team:-

And see also 2000-2030: A Content Odyssey - How the Internet and Your Customers Will Decide the Future of Your Law Firm, a prolific guide written by Alasdair Thomson & Kate Manning at our sister company Curated Media which specialises in content marketing for law firms. Their guide explains to lawyers and law firms:-

  1. How the creation and distribution of online content have become so important to their future
  2. The development of a more sophisticated online world in tandem with equally sophisticated clients
  3. The type of approach law firms and individual solicitors should be taking to remain relevant to their audience, an audience almost permanently connected to the internet

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