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Wondering how to get more of the right type of client to your law firm's website? Have you considered sector-based marketing? Read on to find out more...

Nowadays, most law firms have a slick, modern website. Many also have in-depth content that is well optimised and ranks well in Google. Some also support their website with Pay Per Click advertising. If this is the case, these efforts will be bringing in a steady stream of enquiries.

So, what’s next?

What more can you do to further improve your website's performance as a source of profit?

Sector-Based Marketing for law firms

Supporting your existing activity by introducing sector-based marketing activity can significantly boost returns. In this blog we explore the benefits of such an approach and explain how to put this in place within your firm.

What is sector-based marketing?

Sector-based marketing involves marketing directly to particular industry sectors. This means leveraging your experience and expertise in these sectors through your marketing activity. In doing so, you can talk to decision-makers in these businesses in a way that resonates with them. 

This means tailoring your messaging (and your services) to meet their needs.

Why choose a sector-based marketing approach for your law firm?

There are significant benefits to marketing your services to niche markets:

From a digital marketing perspective, further benefits include:

Implementing a sector-based marketing approach for your Law Firm

The first step is to identify your key sectors. You should base this on several factors, including:

The next step is to understand your sector. Become as knowledgeable as possible about the sector and the challenges it faces. Then, tailor your marketing. This may mean rebranding or introducing sub-brands. You will also need to tailor your messaging to speak directly to this new audience. 

You may also need to tailor your services or how you deliver them to suit the needs of the sector in question.

Build trust & compound your reputation

If you can, gather case studies and testimonials. These are powerful indicators of experience and trust. 

It's also useful to identify key influencers in your sector. Individuals, magazines, associations and online groups are all important here. At the same time, it can help to build your referral network. Identify other businesses in this sector to whom you can refer work and vice-versa. Make sure also to update and edit your website to include appropriate messages.

Sector-based marketing provides the opportunity to be targeted in your marketing efforts.  In doing so, you can bring in more of the right type of client.

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