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Indiana Jones and the Holy Grail (of law firm marketing)

Indiana Jones and the Holy Grail (of law firm marketing)


I bet that’s an article title you never thought you’d see!

With our operational base located in Glasgow, we’ve been fortunate enough to see some big Hollywood productions roll into town over the years, including Brad Pitt’s World War Z and the forthcoming Robert Pattison Batman movie.

Growing up on Star Wars and the Indiana Jones franchise, you can imagine our excitement to learn that not only was Harrison Ford going to don the famous fedora for the fifth time, but that scenes for the movie were to be filmed here in Glasgow.

With the city centre ‘dressed’ for filming later this week, fellow Indiana Jones fanboy, David Kerr, and I decided to spend our lunchtime having a look at the transformation taking place.

That got us to thinking (tenuous link alert!) about the transformative impact digital marketing can have on our law firm clients’ bottom lines, and to consider what lessons us law firm marketers can learn from the illustrious career of one Dr Henry Walton Jones, Jr.

Lesson 1: Sometimes a leap of faith is required


As our hero discovers in The Last Crusade, sometimes a leap of faith is required.

When speaking to law firms in the initial stages of building their online presence, implementing modern marketing techniques can often feel like a jump into the unknown. There can be a fair amount of pushback from more risk-averse colleagues (particularly when it comes to signing off on budget), but the objections tend to die down once they see the pounds and pence coming back into the business. 

It’s always worth remembering that you can start off with a modest budget and increase that over time as you become more assured and start to see the fruits of your labour and how developing your online presence need not be daunting, overly expensive, or hugely time consuming.

For a more detailed look at building your law firm’s success online, click here.

Lesson 2: Use Modern Technology and use it effectively

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Of course, we’re not promoting violence as a solution to anything, but as Indy shows us in his typically brusque manner during Raiders of the Lost Ark’s most famous scene, it’s possible to reach your desired objectives MUCH more quickly if you use modern technology effectively.

Spring 2020 forced all of us into different ways of working and the fast tracking of relevant technologies was key to engaging with customers and prospects alike.

Introducing pre-existing technologies into your online marketing mix (such as online payment functionality, live chat, and video conferencing platforms such as Zoom) will help you meet and exceed people’s expectations of what an online experience should be.

Lesson 3: A little help from your friends


Even the seemingly indestructible Indiana knew that, from time to time, he would need a little help from friends such as the indomitable Sallah.

Building a robust online presence requires patience, focus and perseverance, creativity and experimentation, problem solving ability and being a good communicator. All skills Indy was blessed with, and I’m sure you have leveraged to help you progress your career in law.

While there is a plethora of information and guides available online that will help you piece together your online presence, we appreciate that you didn’t enter legal practice to become a digital marketing expert, nor do your fee earning targets lend themselves to you spending chunks of your working day (and in some cases evening no doubt!) reading guides on PPC best practice for example.

That being the case, you may want to look for some additional support. This may be in the form of an inhouse marketeer, an outsourced agency like ours, for example, or indeed a blended approach of the two. What option fits best with your particular business objectives is your call, but here are our thoughts on the subject of inhousing V outsourcing your marketing resource.

Lesson 4: Use information


Knowing where to find and how to accurately interpret the relevant data is how Indy helped his father fulfil his lifelong dream of discovering the Holy Grail.

For our law firm clients, the Holy Grail of law firm marketing is a steady stream of quality enquiries that convert into profitable, enjoyable new instructions.

Understanding how your marketing efforts are making a difference to your firm’s bottom line would be good to know, right? Particularly if your other Partners are viewing what you see as a necessary investment as an unwarranted expense. Wouldn’t it be great if you could turn up at your weekly WIP meeting armed with management information that definitively shows your colleagues that their ongoing investment in your online presence is returning positively?

Going back to our previous point about using effective technology, leveraging software such as Google Analytics, Call Tracking and CRM platforms, will help you build a far clearer picture as to how you are performing online and what ongoing improvements can be made to grow your business.

Lesson 5: Time waits for no man


Whilst I’m sure he could still put Dave and I to shame when it comes to physical prowess, there is no doubt that the types of moves Dr Jones pulled off during 1981’s Raiders of the Lost Ark may not have served him quite so well during 2008’s Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, never mind the yet to be released Indy 5!

It’s also true that digital marketing trends, practices and processes, never mind technology, continues apace and that if you’re online presence is standing still, you’re effectively moving backwards.

We have always considered an online presence as a work in progress that requires ongoing care and attention. Just as Indiana has had to adapt to the challenges he faces over time, so have we in our continuing mission to help our law firm clients generate more business online.

Time doesn’t stand still – neither should your online presence.

We’d like to finish off by wishing the mighty Harrison Ford a very happy birthday – 79 years young on July 13. Harrison, if you happen to be reading this and you are part of the crew filming in Glasgow, pop in and see us and we’ll treat you to lunch.

On a more serious note, should any of the above resonate with you with regards to further improving your law firm’s online presence, we’d be delighted to have a chat with you. Email  or call 07969336526

What’s next in digital marketing for law firms?
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