How to grow your small law firm – Top practical tips

The majority of the UK’s 10,000+ law firms can be classed as small. According to the SRA’s definition,

 “a small firm can be best defined as a sole practitioner or a firm with no more than four partners, members or directors, which has an annual turnover of no more than £400,000.” 

Do you have growth ambitions for your firm and, if so, what does growth mean? Is it about increasing your fee earner headcount to generate more fee income? Or keeping your headcount lean while becoming more efficient to increase your turnover and profits?

Many lawyers at the top of firms find it challenging to balance the duties of law firm management and of dealing with the legal work required by your clients. Planning and executing a growth strategy can be even more onerous.

And if you grow in the wrong way, you could end up with the type of business you don’t want.

Covid and your law firm’s growth ambitions

We appreciate that these are particularly tough trading conditions at the moment, not just through the financial pressures created by Covid-19 but also by the increasing amounts of Solicitors’ Professional Indemnity Insurance (PII) and other legal market challenges. Before 2020, the legal sector was already undergoing seismic shifts with disruptive forces reshaping the way legal services are purchased and delivered. Now the rate of change is being accelerated.

But with the right planning and strategies, there are still opportunities for your firm to succeed.

Top tips for growing your small law firm

 For each one, if you’d like to learn more, you can click the link which will take you to one of our more in-depth insights pieces on the subject:- 

  1. Deliver an excellent service for every client to retain as many clients as possible
  2. Dominate web searches to become the ‘go to’ firm for your areas of practice and locations
  3. Expand into other locations in an online / virtual sense 
  4. Create effective systems - Map out and improve your processes
  5. Invest in new technology
  6. Look out for trends with online searches for practice areas
  7. Improve your business skills
  8. Know who your best clients are and– how do you get more of them?
  9. And say ‘no’ to more of the wrong types of clients
  10. Build your brand
  11. Improve your enquiry handling and client intake processes
  12. Develop your onboarding processes for new clients
  13. Aim to hire people with skills even better than your own
  14. Price effectively for the value you create - and be transparent about it
  15. Grow and maintain a solid pipeline of new business leads and opportunities 
  16. Delegate more effectively – you can’t do it all yourself
  17. Outsource where needed

Want to grow your law firm? We’re dedicated to Your Law Firm’s Success

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