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Our Top Blog of 2014: How Law Firms Make Money on the Internet

After reviewing our many blog posts of 2014, we were interested to find out what blog post was the most successful. So what blog post did you all view and share the most? (Drumroll…) The winner with 10,464 hits was Stephen Moore’s, ‘Can Law Firms Really Make Money on the Internet? Here’s the Proof & 5 Step Recipe for Success’.

It’s been a year since we last informed you of the importance of the Internet for Law firms when it comes to generating new business, so here is a helpful reminder of the 5 Step Recipe for Success!

1.What Kind Of Services Do You Offer?

Offering services such as family law, employment law, personal injury or estate planning (to name a few) means that opportunities for you online will be plentiful. Personal Injury can be more competitive but, by covering every service in full, you have a good chance of generating business online.

If your company is more focused on the business sector, this is also good news; it is almost entirely competition free.

Writing about your most profitable services on your site will prove beneficial. Even if you only get only one instruction per year, if that instruction is worth £10k for you then it is surely worth 1000 words of service content? If the service isn’t included on your site then chances are you won’t generate business online for it.

2.Clear Calls To Action

Take a look at your site today and ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you make it absolutely crystal clear what you want your visitor to do?
  • Can they get in touch with you with no difficulty at all? Is there a phone number and online enquiry form on every page?
  • Have you any independent accreditation? If so, it visible on your site?
  • Have you any testimonials? If so, are they on your site?

If the answer to any of the above is ‘no’, you are losing business.

3.Pick The Right Agency

Some agencies may have fancy websites that look the part, but do they generate business? A successful website must have the right balance of looking great and getting found on Google. Our client feedback would suggest that we are managing to deliver on both aesthetics and the bottom line.

When searching for the right agency, make sure that they can advise you on the following:

  • Design to maximise conversions.
  • Content optimised for search engines and also for the end user. If possible the agency should write this content for you to review.
  • Pay Per Click – advertising on google is a quick and effective way of quickly driving traffic and enquiries.
  • Social Media Marketing – engagement, branding, thought leadership, better search engine rankings and ultimately new business.
  • SEO – your online marketing efforts should be prevalent in as many online arenas as possible; but the most important, by some way, is Google. Search engine optimisation is critical but it needs to be done in a long term, sustainable way by a reputable agency. See this example for what can happen when things go wrong as they did for Irwin Mitchell.

We can offer such things. For a free website analysis get in touch with Chris on 0845 620 5664.

4.Don’t Be Afraid To Increase Your Spend

Sometimes to get the best Return on Investment it will require spending a little extra to get the extra profit. In our experience, customers who spend around £2k per month with us get proportionally more from their online marketing efforts than those who spend under £1k per month.

increase spend internet marketing law firms uk

5.Work On Your Conversion Rates

You have put in all the work – don’t screw it up now! The final step to reaching success is to work on your conversion rate. Every phone call and every submission through your contact form is vital. Make sure that:-

  • Telephone’s get answered! Make sure someone is there to answer your calls even when you are on your lunch break. Don’t use voicemail!
  • You use the right tone and informative replies whether that be through calls or e-mail responses.
  • A process for replying to enquiries is set up, including time limits.

Looking at the previous image of ROI figures, this is what your ROI will look like with a 50% conversion rate:

clear conversions seo law firms uk

Internet Marketing For Law Firms UK

So, if you would like to make profitable business online – get in touch to see how we can help. Fill out the form on the top right hand side of the page or contact us on 0845 620 5664 and ask for Chris.

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