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How can your law firm stand out in a crowded market?

How can you distinguish your law firm’s offering from that of a multitude of other law firms offering similar services at a similar price?

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During these times of unprecedented change in the legal sector, you need to be able to differentiate your services by creating something unique, something that is not easily copied by other law firms and which is valued by your clients and by potential instructing agents. It’s never been more important for law firms to identify and develop their own unique message and shout from the rooftops about how they offer a better, different service than their competition.

What makes your law firm different?

Does your law firm deliver a first-class personal service? Does your law firm offer exceptional, affordable legal services? Is your firm Partner led? Does your team deliver on its commitments to its clients? Does your law firm offer a ‘cradle to the grave’ service? When we ask new clients why a prospective client should choose them before one of their competitors, these are some of the phrases we hear repeated time and time again (and refuse to use when it comes to developing brand messaging!) All worthwhile sentiments I’m sure you will agree, but in most cases surely the very least that your clients should expect from you and not unique selling points.

When we take on a new client, the first thing we do is ask them to join us in a ‘vision’ meeting. During this meeting, we will cover a wide range of topics, including how the firm views itself in terms of its brand and value proposition. We will ask questions such as:

  • What is your value proposition? What do you offer that your immediate competitors do not?
  • What is your main USP
  • Why should people pick you, not your competitor?
  • What are the strongest benefits you deliver to clients?
  • What are your firm’s human personality traits?
  • What is your brand theme? What words or phrases define and articulates the essence of your brand in a clear, concise and compelling manner?
  • What is your brand promise? What do you always aim to deliver to your clients?

Not only is this a very useful exercise for us as it helps us to develop a far more robust understanding of who we’re working with, it also helps us ensure that our resource remains aligned with the client’s business objectives. It can also be a very worthwhile exercise for the firm. What we often find is that the answers to the questions above exist in the minds of one or two senior individuals, but have never really been articulated firm wide or committed to paper.

This results in a lack of consistency when it comes to how stakeholders promote the virtues of their firm, with no two individuals within the firm able to articulate the firm’s value proposition in the same way. This exercise can take some deeper reflection on your firm's core strengths, but it's worth it to help you distinguish yourself from the many other firms out there who will be offering a similar range of services at a similar price point to you.

In an increasingly competitive market place, a unique message or brand will help differentiate you from your competition. It shows what you stand for, tells potential clients what they can expect from you, enhances the value of your services and puts you in a far stronger position from which to generate more of the type of business you want.

Is your law firm’s online presence brand aligned?

Helping lawyers use the internet more effectively to grow their business as we do, it’s our responsibility to ensure that your law firm’s brand identity is accurately portrayed online, that your website is an accurate reflection of who you are, what you do and how you do it. After all, there is no point in going through a lot of soul searching to define the very core of your identity if you are not going to bother ensuring that your website, very often the first contact a potential instructing agent will have with your firm, isn’t accurately telling your story or making a positive first impression.

A study once showed that it takes less than a fifth of a second for somebody visiting a website to form a first opinion once they've landed on your site. It takes another 2.6 seconds for that first impression to be reinforced once their eyes have concentrated on the page in front of them. Given that tight timeframe, making a great first impression should be a priority.

It’s worth noting that your law firm may already have an established brand, but one that you feel is outdated and no longer aligned with the services you provide or your target market. If that’s the case then perhaps it’s time to consider a brand refresh, or in certain cases maybe a complete rebrand is necessary. If you’d like further information on branding for law firms or indeed what makes an effective law firm website please feel free to check out our guides on the subject.



Moore Legal Technology - Dedicated to Your Law Firm’s Success

We specialise in helping our law firm clients use the internet more effectively to grow their business. Through the delivery of a comprehensive range of digital, marketing, sales, branding and strategic services, we can help you:

  • Increase Your Turnover
  • Enhance Your Brand
  • Improve Your Efficiency
  • Future Proof Your Firm

What makes Moore Legal Technology unique is that most of our team members have a legal sector

background - qualified lawyers, legal marketers and law graduates. With a blend of legal and technical expertise that sets us apart from our competitors, our aim is to help your law firm be successful.

Our primary focus is always on delivering significant return on investment for our clients, with an approach built around this ethos, and informed by our experience of what works to generate new business online.

We want to help you grow your law firm too.


For further information please contact Chris on 01413548862 or email [email protected]


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