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Helping the Scottish High Street

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The core of our business has always been the Scottish high street firm. Based in Glasgow and with strong roots in the local legal industry, our goal is to help high street firms use technology to make money.

The past year has been trying for every industry across Scotland. High street firms, like all small businesses, have had to adapt to these changes. While it may be ‘business as usual’ for many law firms, the reality and dynamics of how that work comes in is changing. 

The data and statistics we use to report to our clients shows that there isstill work out there. Not only are most Scottish law firms getting visitors to their website and bringing in leads, but they are doing so at the same, if not higher, rate than before.

Footfall is naturally down, as are referrals, with people interacting less. We've always encouraged law firms to treat the internet as their new shop window, but now it's our only shop window.

If anything, the pandemic has unequivocally reaffirmed that businesses need technology to thrive and, in these particularly challenging times, survive.

The progression of online success

The tech landscape for law firms has shifted and changed rapidly over the past 20 years, even without the driving force of a pandemic. When we started helping law firms succeed online, it was all about the website. So few firms had a decent website in place (or any website at all), that if you had a functioning, easily-found site, you automatically had an advantage over others. 

Over time, more firms began to launch websites and that, in turn, created more competition. That competition manifested itself - and still does to this day - into a race for a higher position in search engine rankings.

That led Moore Legal Technology, over 10 years ago, to specialise in Search Engine Optimisation; the practice of presenting website content to search engines (such as Google) in an accessible way, and producing high quality, valuable content for websites.

Pay Per Click ads, like those you see at the top of Google's results pages or on Facebook, became an important part of the mix.

For certain types of firms, email marketing can also be lucrative; a digital marketing strategy that naturally leads into more advanced and recent technologies like lead tracking and nurturing.

How has 2020 changed the way we work?

In the last 18 months we've launched our Client Intake Software, a CRM-system tailored to the needs of law firms. We deliver this on the fundamental basis of driving a tangible, measurable RoI. To that end, we use Analytics tools and call tracking to measure the effectiveness of what we do. To ensure cash flow and prevent our clients from having to attend offices, we've also set up online payment portals for our clients. These elements formed part of our Your Law Firm Success™ Toolkit; a collection of technologies created in response to the changing priorities of our clients.

One thing that 2020 has reinforced for our clients is that technology is paramount, and every lead is valuable. Whether it has been introducing more direct-communication tools such as video calling (mainly the ubiquitous Zoom), Livechat, calendar or appointment-setting software, an online presence now plays a pivotal part in getting new business through the (virtual) door.

Case Management experts Denovo have also noticed similar technology trends. Head of Marketing at Denovo, Grant Yuill, notes:-

“There is a trend in many smaller high street firms recognising the need to invest in more reliable, up to date technology – be that adding software features such as E-signatures or Lead Management to improve their digital client onboarding experience. Moreover, many firms are now moving from an in-house server and local hard drives to cloud based legal case management software, realising that the cloud offers the flexibility demanded by these rapidly changing and uncertain times. But the main investment our clients have made is time dedicated to ensuring that this hybrid agile model, enabling working across multiple locations and at any time is in place and can work for the long term. And it seems likely to emerge as the new standard for a majority of law firms – big or small.”

Any modern business wishing to thrive in these trying times now has to embrace technology. However, this forced adoption of technology can create the bedrock for future growth. Every business now has to be agile, responsive and capable of operating remotely. Operationally, tech like Zoom is here to stay. From a marketing perspective, now might be the time to grasp the opportunities provided by digital marketing, if you haven’t already.

Dedicated to Your Law Firm’s Success

If you would like to discuss your law firm’s online marketing strategy for 2021 and how we can help you achieve your goals with our new Your Law Firm Success™ product, we’d be delighted to speak with you. Please contact Chris on 0808 501 5370 or email (click here).

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