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Finding Success Online - Interview With Spodek Law, NY

Finding Success Online - Interview With Spodek Law, NY

We are always looking to keep our client’s online marketing strategies unique, engaging and ultimately successful. One of the ways in which we aim to cultivate such strategies is by engaging with the legal community and pioneering new ways of generating business online.

We recently set up the Moore Legal Technology Instagram account to begin connecting with lawyers and firms from all over the world. However, one such lawyer has been using this strategy to generate business for some time. Social media for law firms can be tricky, but Todd Spodek, from Spodek Law Group, finds the platform an ideal place to provide information about the law to potential clients. We caught up with Todd to discuss his strategy for using Instagram to share legal information and meet potential clients online.

Todd, can you tell us a little about what you do?

I manage a boutique criminal defense and family law/ divorce law firm in New York City.

How did the firm start using Instagram?

I always knew about it but I never personally used Instagram or any other social media sites. Our marketing department created accounts on all of the main social media sites and slowly we started to build out our pages. For some reason Instagram clicked with me, and I started to use it more on behalf of the firm.

Why do you use social media marketing?

I think Instagram and all social media allow our clients and potential clients to see our firm in a different light than other firms in the same space. Divorce and criminal defense lawyers have a certain type of reputation, and there is more to us individually, and our firm, then our role as your lawyer. It also allows us to teach a little about the law and let people know that we can cut up complex, dense material, into bite size nuggets that one can easily digest.

When do you normally post?

I am in court every day, and I often wind up doing other work on the down time between my cases being called. I may be working on a certain issue in a criminal case, and then make an informative post about it on Instagram. I also am on the train a fair amount going between meetings and court appearances which is another excellent opportunity to quickly post something. Other staff members seem to post during the same time.

Why do you use Instagram rather than other social media sites?

Once I started using Instagram, I would post about the work that I was currently working on and started to interact with other users. Instagram has a structure to it that I could easily follow. I would find an issue I want to write about and then try to match it with a picture that could tie in the topic and perhaps make it a little more tantalizing.

Who do you follow?

We follow anyone who interacts with us, we are interested or connected to in real life.

Who do you interact with?

We try and respond to all comments and private messages however do not actively use Instagram. We are more focused on posting, and the educational component of it.

What’s the first thing you shared on Instagram?

I believe it was our logo - in a failed effort to show the Instagram world that we had arrived.

What is your trick for engaging users?

We certainly try to engage anyone who interacts with us, and we try to post informational material that will keep the users coming back for sending the material to other users.

What surprises you most about Instagram?

You can be interested in the most niche subject yet you will find an entire account on Instagram dedicated to it along with users who share the same interests.

Can you give us an example?

Sure, if you grew up in NYC during the 90’s the legendary graffiti writer @ja.xtc literally was everywhere and you could not escape it. Low and behold he has a tremendous Instagram page with all of these nostalgic pictures. Another example, would be if you are a fan of Dale Carnegie @carnegie_conversations has amazing memorabilia that is one of a kind.

Have you received business through Instagram?

We seem to attract two types of potential clients. The first type are individuals from all over the word who ask us the most esoteric legal questions regarding issues and laws that we are not familiar with.

Ex. (Question: We are a small manufacturing company and are looking to merge with a competitor here in the United Arab Emirates, could you review the term sheet and work up a contract? Answer: No, sorry)

The second type is local New Yorkers for whom our posts seem to hit a chord with, and they are dealing with that precise issue at that time and would like our point of view.

What is your favorite Instagram account?

I would have to say @peterlugersteakhouse. Isn’t that everyone’s?

Do you advertise on Instagram, and if so has it been successful?

We have not advertised on Instagram. Although I am not against it, I just don’t know enough about it.

Do you think social media marketing for law firms is a good idea? Would you encourage other lawyers and law firms to use Instagram?

Yes, of course. I think Law Firms like any other business should take advantage of every opportunity to interact with potential clients.

So there you have it. Instagram is yet another way for law firms to meet and engage with potential clients online, and also show personality which can differentiate firms from their competitors. If you are looking to help your firm succeed online through digital marketing, social media marketing or content marketing, get in touch with us today.

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You can follow Todd’s firm Spodek Law Group on Instagram here – https://www.instagram.com/spodeklawgroup/

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