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Essential Digital Marketing Trends for Law Firms in 2020

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We can't believe 2019 is almost at an end, but before the year is out, we have taken a look at what our customers can expect to see in the year to come with regards to law firm digital marketing.

In this post, we look at some of the key trends being discussed in the digital marketing community for 2020 and some of the things we’ll be focusing on to make sure the 'roaring 20s' are a roaring success for our customers.

Longer-form high-quality content

We have been discussing the benefits of longer-form, high-quality and engaging content for years. However, how this content is used is changing. While having a content-rich, well-optimised website continues to be exceptionally important for driving traffic and generating enquires, in 2020 using great content as part of a more comprehensive digital marketing strategy will be key to succeeding online.

At Moore Legal Technology, we are focussing on longer-form content in 2020 pursuant to several marketing objectives, including:

Demand Generation

In 2019, we began helping our customers find, nurture, and score potential instructing agents using high-quality content. In 2020, we plan to maximise the opportunities available to our customers online, refine our processes and ensure every Moore Legal Technology customer is using the internet as effectively as possible to grow their business. By creating great content that prospects can't help but click and that they find genuinely useful, we will help you build warm relationships and generate demand amongst your target market.

Reputation management

We know that for many of our customers, driving business isn't their only goal. They want to enhance their brand, establish a position of thought leadership and be seen as a market leader in their area of expertise. We are growing our strategic network to allow our customers access to publishing on strategic networks and partnering to create high-quality content that gets them noticed. An added benefit of reputation management publication is that when clients search for your brand, the first page of Search will be filled with recognisable websites and a controlled brand narrative.


Retention marketing has been highlighted as one of the key trends for digital in 2020. In light of some of the world's largest companies failing after experiencing fast growth, it has become apparent that retaining customers and securing repeat business is more important than ever.

As the online space relevant to the legal sector becomes more competitive, it becomes more difficult to win business organically. Retaining customers helps increase revenue in several ways. When you keep your existing customers happy, they will not only give you repeat business but may become your brand ambassadors. They will refer friends, family, colleagues and business connections.

In a similar way to demand generation, communicating with your customers and building a relationship will become increasingly important as a means of bringing in additional revenue to your firm. We plan to assist our customers with all elements of retention marketing, including brand building, client communications, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and social media.

The resurrection of the newsletter

You may have noticed; the newsletter has made a return among brands looking to build strong relationships with their customers. This ties in well with both retention marketing and hyper-targeting and personalisation, which are highlighted as an essential part of any 2020 marketing strategy.


Podcasts are becoming an increasingly influential marketing channel, which means there is now potential for law firms to reach their desired audience by creating insightful podcast content. In 2019, Google made podcasts playable in Search results, meaning that this is another opportunity for potential clients to find you in Search.

At the time of writing, users still need to add the term 'podcast' to their Search for podcast results to be returned. However, Google has indicated that they will soon be getting rid of this requirement.

SERP position zero

It is no longer enough to be the number one result returned in Search, now the top spot is 'position zero'. You may have noticed that ahead of your search results, Google will feature a snippet of text answering your question and providing a link to where the answer is from. We are implementing a number of content strategy tweaks to help our clients reach coveted position zero, and we have, in fact, already been successful in securing position zero for certain specific legal queries.

Micro-moments marketing

Micro-moments marketing is a response to our now immediate need for information, entertainment or gratification. While this trend has always been important for law firms looking to win business online, digital marketers are really beginning to strategise around how to make the most of new micro-moments to win business. Key game-changers for micro-moments include:

  • The rise of 5G - everything will be bigger and better on mobile
  • Artificial Intelligence - results will become even more tailored to the user
  • Voice Search - the accuracy and sophistication of voice search results will improve leading to greater and more advanced use

Micro-moments are rich with intent, and when that intent is to find and instruct a lawyer, get a quote or find legal information, you want to be sure your firm is the one potential clients find. We look out for changes in technology, media and consumer behaviour to ensure our client strategy takes advantage of every opportunity.

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