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Could Missed Calls be Costing Your Law Firm Valuable New Clients?

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In this new insights piece, we reveal that law firms are missing, on average, 10% of their online phone call enquiries, which could be costing them many valuable new clients and leading to client dissatisfaction. We look closely at the figures to reveal further patterns and suggest practical remedies that you can deploy to make your law firm more effective and help to increase your turnover.

Having access to the online performance analytics of many law firms allows us to identify unique insights that can help firms fine-tune their approach to online marketing. 

As part of our analytics ‘tech-stack’ we use for clients, we implement call tracking onto most client sites, through our Partners at CallRail and Infinity and through our Client Intake Platform. This helps our clients understand where their phone call enquiries are coming from and what the metrics are for the purposes of acquiring important management information. 

Recently we took a deeper look at the call tracking stats of 20 of our law firm clients from across the UK, chosen at random - and in particular, their missed call stats from across the 12 months to date. As part of this we looked at how many calls are being missed, on which days and at what times of day to see if we could establish any trends and any practical advice for our clients. 

What we’ve discovered is the following:-

  • 10% of all calls are missed on average
  • Firms are worst at missing calls on Mondays and Tuesdays
  • Monday morning and lunchtimes are when most calls are missed

10% of all calls are missed on average

1 out of every 10 calls being missed is a significant number, particularly when you consider that any given converted enquiry i.e. new client for a law firm could itself be worth thousands of pounds. Compare this to other sectors - e.g. online universities in the US miss on average just under 3% of calls from enquirers. From the law firm clients we chose, that 10% was actually just over 3000 out of 30,000 calls. And a small handful of the firms were missing 15%+ of their calls.

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Firms are worst at missing calls on Mondays and Tuesdays

As the graph below shows, Mondays and Tuesdays are worst for missed calls for law firms. And comparatively, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday see slightly fewer calls and fewer missed calls overall. Weekends tend not to matter for call volume as you may expect.

missed calls 2020 digital marketing

Monday morning and lunchtimes are when most calls are missed

Monday morning is the worst time for law firm receptionists and call handlers missing calls. Granted, some of these may be due to existing clients of firms looking for an update on their matter or case, but they will also include genuine new enquiries from people who have been thinking about and researching their potential lawyer online over the weekend and making that call to try to enquire and potentially instruct them.

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What does this mean? 

The effect of this is significant - not only are law firms effectively saying “no” to potentially valuable new clients, but it could also lead to client dissatisfaction too where the calls are from existing clients. While very few firms will have a perfect phone answering record and we appreciate it’s not practical to expect a flawless record, there is an opportunity here for most firms to expand their client base and increase their turnover. 

Many years ago, the Managing Partner at one of our most engaged client firms asked us to give him similar information on his firm’s missed calls, together with call recording access. “This is gold” he declared. And he proceeded to call back some of the callers who hadn’t managed to get through to his firm and discovered there was significant amounts of money to be gained by making those calls.

Practical Steps to Improve Your Firm’s Call Handling and Reduce Missed Call Volumes

So what can your firm do? The following are practical steps you can implement to try to improve your call handling:-

  1. Make your receptionists and call handlers aware of the stats and insights above. On the ground when going from call to call, they may not see the big picture in terms of just how bad the problem could be
  2. Increase your phone handling resource on Mondays and Tuesdays, particularly on Monday mornings and lunchtimes too
  3. Implement missed call alerts so that your call handlers receive an automated email any time there is a missed call. We have this in place for most of our clients via the online call tracking providers mentioned above
  4. Upgrade your phone systems so that call divert rules are in place (e.g. if someone can’t answer it will go through to someone else), for which you should speak to a specialist IT provider
  5. Outsource your call handling, whether for all calls or just calls at certain times of the week, to a specialist call handling provider such as Onwards Answering or Moneypenny.
  6. Implement live chat technology and online enquiry forms as supplemental measures in case people can’t get through to your firm on the phones

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