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Law Firm SEO: Keeping up with Google. 5 Recent Important Changes


As we specialise in generating business online for our law firm and professional service clients, Moz is one of our main sources of information when it comes to all things digital. Their recent article The Month Google Shook the SERPs highlights the ephemeral nature of Google’s search engine result pages (SERP). 

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Is SEO for Law Firms Different?

is seo different for law firms

The legal sector is more competitive than ever before, particularly when it comes to winning business online. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is an integral part of generating brand awareness and getting clients to visit your website. With more and more providers offering SEO services for law firms, it is important to understand why SEO for law firms is different than for other sectors.

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Helping your law firm succeed online - the missing link

This article on the best practices and strategies was originally posted on Infolaw and has been reposted here with the permission of the author.

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Scottish Law Firms Lack Essential Digital Skills – Prepare your firm for success


Is your law firm lagging behind in terms of digital skills and online presence? You’re not alone. According to a recent survey reported in The Times, more than half of Scottish small businesses do not have a website and do not use social media to promote their business. With 56% of Scottish businesses having no online presence, and 34% of companies believing that a digital presence is simply ‘not relevant’ to their business, the Scottish economy is facing a massive digital skills deficit – one which could dictate which business thrive and which simply disappear.

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SEO tips in the legal sector – What law firms need to know to acquire new clients

seo for law firms 2016 spam example
business lawyers new york seo local search rankings example

How many spam SEO emails does your firm get from the ‘next top SEO company from India with thousands of SEO experts around the world’? We hear from partners in law firms every week about how they’ve had an email like the one in the attached screengrab below. So it’s no surprise that SEO (and perhaps more broadly internet marketing) sometimes gets a bad name. You may get such an email and just delete it instantly, perhaps preceded with some swearing. That’s perfectly normal. That’s what I and my colleagues do too (yes, even our legal SEO experts get bombarded with similar emails each day, and yes we have a swear jar in the office).

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Future proofing your law firm against Legal Aid cuts

legal aid cuts

More than ever before, firms that provide legal aid need to find alternative revenue streams. In England and Wales, the effects of LASPO are still being felt. North of the border, the Law Society of Scotland are expressing concern about the proposed cuts to legal aid announced in December's 2016's Scottish budget. As such, law firms that provide legal aid services throughout the UK need to look at ways in which they can future proof.

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Evolving SEO: Succeeding Online in 2017

telephone 586268 960 720
youtube 1158693 960 720

At Moore Legal Technology, we pride ourselves on being one step ahead in the digital marketing world. While it won’t be necessary to alter your entire online marketing strategy this year, it is clear that SEO techniques should become more forward-thinking, slick and more in-line with user experience/intent. In this blog we have outlined a few of the main predictions for law firm search engine optimisation in 2017.

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Joomla! Vs WordPress for Great SEO for Law Firms - Which is Best?

Joomla! Vs WordPress for Great SEO for Law Firms - Which is Best?
law firms linkedin seo
law firms search engine optimisation urls
law firms meta data
law firms content is king
law firms joomla
law firms wordpress

The question of which CMS is best for SEO has been a rather touchy subject on the internet in the past couple of months. Many developers and SEO experts have been telling clients that you absolutely need a certain type of CMS, or certain combination of plugins to get excellent SEO results from your website. As Moore Legal Technology’s Head of Development and Support, in this post I’ll explore some of the key points of contention and explain what we think is the right approach when considering what CMS (if any) is the best one to achieve great SEO results for your law firm.

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Law Firm Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) - Top 5 Tips to ensure people are clicking on your website

Law Firm Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) - Top 5 Tips to ensure people are clicking on your website
law firms content marketing
law firms keywords seo
law firms seo optimisation mobile
law firms location optimisation
law firms optimisation audience

With the ever increasing competition of law firms online, it’s important now more than ever to ensure your law firm is getting found. Stay one step ahead of your competitors by doing these 5 simple steps that will improve your law firm’s website rankings in Google.

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Legal services organic & paid Google search results now much wider

Legal services organic & paid Google search results now much wider
employment solicitors bristol search rankings change example
employment lawyers bristol seo rankings example lyons
google search width longer seo example
seo rankings panda penguin algorithm law firm analytics example

As one of the most innovative organisations on the planet, Google improves the way it does things every day. And for our law firm clients to beat their competition online, we need to as well.

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Local SEO Update: Snackpack Changes & Local Ranking Factors for Law Firms

local seo search google snack pack

Google has revamped its local SEO algorithm, making it a huge ranking factor for local businesses like law firms. On 6th August, the “Snack Pack” results moved up the SERPs (search engine results pages) and more than halved in number.

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Is your law firm getting the Google search rankings it deserves? There are new competitors on the block

Is your law firm getting the Google search rankings it deserves? There are new competitors on the block

How is your law firm doing in search? Where do you rank? What does your meta data look like for organic results for your main legal services? What do your PPC ads look like? Don’t know? Don’t care? Over the next ten years we’ll be seeing more and more businesses, not necessarily law firms nor solicitors, advertising alongside you in organic (whether in the local block of results or otherwise) and paid Google search. And it probably won’t be the same competitors you may have expected to appear there in the past. In today’s blog, I look at the forces that are driving such unexpected competitors to appear there, how you could be missing out on significant amounts of new business and what you can do to take advantage of the opportunities the internet still presents law firms and solicitors who deserve to have an outstanding online presence.

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Seminar Slides - Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for Sole Practitioners: Getting You Found Online

Photo of @GavWard at #RFPG on Twitpic

Earlier this week I presented to the Glasgow Sole Practitioners’ Group at The Royal Faculty of Procurators on the subject of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for Sole Practitioners: Getting You Found Online.

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Exact-Match Domains (EMD), Panda and Penguin: Latest SEO Updates

Google's algorithm that determines the order of search rankings changes all the time and it's the job of the SEO team to stay on top of these changes to ensure clients' websites and online presence continues to perform as best as they can.

Within the past month there have been three significant updates to Google's algorithm. These are summarised as follows:-

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Google+ Local and Google+ Business Pages Finally Merging: Will Your Firm Be Found?


Further to our recent post announcing the inception of Google+ Local which has replaced Google Places and subsequent comments, Google has recently announced that it is now possible to merge your Google+ Local listing with your Google+ business page (if you have already set one up).

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Google+ integrating even further with organic Google search results - Active Discussions

Google+ is now integrating even further with organic Google search results, reports leading search engine marketing (SEM) news website SearchEngineLand.

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Google+ Local: Changes to Local Search in Google

You may have noticed some recent changes in the way your Google Places listings are displaying in Google. As Google announced on 30 May, this is because Google are effecting a shift from traditional Google Places listings to Google+ local listings. Essentially, Google Places will soon be rendered entirely redundant.

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Penguins, Pandas and Modern SEO: Should Lawyers Be Concerned?

Penguin SEO Update image courtesy of cnystrom on Flickr

Significant changes are taking place with Google’s search engine algorithms and it’s important for all SEOs to keep up-to-date and understand the changes, but it is equally important for lawyers to know that their SEO teams can be trusted and aren’t using black-hat tactics to get them to the top of the Google rankings.

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Search Engine Rankings Update: Google to Roll Out Panda 3.4


Google is currently rolling out is latest 'Panda' update (version 3.4). Google notes that this is a rather minor update, only affecting around 1.6% of queries noticeably.

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Is your law firm's website 'overly optimised'? Google may soon penalise it


Google is in the process of changing its search engine so that sites that are 'overly optimised' will be penalised in the search engine rankings.

According to CNET News, Google aims to 'level the playing field' for other websites who do not concentrate as heavily on search engine optimisation ('SEO'). CNET cites an audio clip from Barry Schwartz over at Search Engine Land in respect of a panel discussion at the recent South by Southwest conference ('SXSW'), where Google's Matt Cutts discusses the proposals.

Schwartz quotes Cutts as saying that Google aims to "level the playing field" regarding "all those people doing, for lack of a better word, over optimization or overly SEO--versus those making great content and great sites...We are trying to make GoogleBot smarter, make our relevance better, and we are also looking for those who abuse it, like too many keywords on a page, or exchange way too many links or go well beyond what you normally expect."

Schwartz notes that the changes should start to affect search engine results "in the upcoming month or next few weeks."

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