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Welcome to our blog. Here we'll post news and updates which relate to our core business of helping law firms grow.

Moore Legal Technology launch website for Sydney based solicitors


Congratulations to Szabo & Associates Solicitors, our first Australian client, on the recent launch of their new website.

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Google’s new update highlights in-depth articles in search results. How good is your website’s content?


Google has updated its algorithms so that search results return more in-depth articles.

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Moore Legal Technology’s recent pro bono work helps legal sector charities grow online

With our growing team having built up vast expertise in generating business online in the legal sector, at Moore Legal Technology we aim to give something back to our community.

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Divorce Day in January - Online Family Law and Divorce Enquiries Spiking in January


January is a peculiar month in the online legal marketing world. Without fail, every year, web traffic for ‘divorce’ tends to skyrocket after Christmas and into January and through to March. While separating couples are experiencing misery (well, in some cases relief) when going through a break-up or divorce in January, savvy internet marketers see opportunities for their family law firm clients online. And it’s important to act on such a seasonal variation, a time when generating family law advice and divorce leads can make or break a family law practice’s bottom line for the year ahead. 

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Law Firm Lead Generation: 5 Steps which will lead to more enquiries

personal injury lawyer2
law firm lead generation screaming frog
Internal Link Building for law firm lead generation
external link building law firm lead generation
law firm lead generation gt metrix

Stevie Haughey outlines five tips which will help Law Firm Lead Generation

At Moore Legal Technology, we specialise in helping law firms increase their turnover and client base. Put simply, we help our law firm clients leverage the internet to increase the number of profitable, new enquiries. There is a vast number of things you could be doing online to make this happen, however, the following five steps are amongst the quickest and most effective ways you could contribute to your law firm’s success online.

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Viral Legal Content Marketing: 5 Epic Aspects of Casino’s Epic PI Super Bowl Ad


It’s not often that a lawyer manages to create a piece of epic content marketing in the personal injury legal sphere, less so in the UK than the US. But that’s exactly what injury attorney Jamie Casino has achieved in his recent Super Bowl commercial. In essence, Mr Casino booked out two-minutes of prime-time ad space during the Super Bowl for a local Georgia TV channel and his performance, shown below, has since gone viral across the world. Here are what I would consider to be the 5 most epic and remarkable aspects:-

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Marketing your law firm in the digital age – the questions that lawyers are asking

We were delighted to be asked to form part of a panel of legal sector business development experts at the Law Society Civil Litigation Autumn Conference last year, tasked with delivering some practical tactics that law firms can employ to win more business from new and existing clients.

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P,P, Picking up from Penguin (2.0): Google Search Algorithm Update

Google Penguin 2.0 Algorithm SEO Update

It’s been a busy week at MLT as we review the changing search landscape in the wake of another update to Google’s search engine algorithm – in this case, a moderate change to their recent ‘Penguin’ algorithm, labelled by Matt Cutts as ‘Penguin 2.0’. We thought it would be worthwhile explaining generally what these changes mean for law firms and other businesses looking to rank, or continue to rank, in Google and other search engines ahead of their competition while implementing white-hat SEO practices.

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Joomla! Vs WordPress for Great SEO for Law Firms - Which is Best?

Joomla! Vs WordPress for Great SEO for Law Firms - Which is Best?
law firms linkedin seo
law firms search engine optimisation urls
law firms meta data
law firms content is king
law firms joomla
law firms wordpress

The question of which CMS is best for SEO has been a rather touchy subject on the internet in the past couple of months. Many developers and SEO experts have been telling clients that you absolutely need a certain type of CMS, or certain combination of plugins to get excellent SEO results from your website. As Moore Legal Technology’s Head of Development and Support, in this post I’ll explore some of the key points of contention and explain what we think is the right approach when considering what CMS (if any) is the best one to achieve great SEO results for your law firm.

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Bogus Law Firms on the Rise – 5 Tips for Handling Your Online Reputation Management

Bogus Law Firms on the Rise – 5 Tips for Handling Your Online Reputation Management

Both the Law Society of Scotland and the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) have published warnings about the rise of bogus law firms across the UK. The SRA notes that over 700 reports of such fake firms have been made in the past year, an annual increase of over 25%, and the Law Society of Scotland have noted similar patterns emerging. But what can law firms do if they’re subjected to what is effectively online identity theft?

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The Ultimate Digital Marketing Glossary (Part 1: A-E) – what does it all mean?

ultimate digital marketing glossary

Have you ever wondered what 'SEO' or 'CTA' actually means? Sometimes, when talking to clients or friends and family we can get carried away with our geeky digital chat. Which is why we have compiled a handy A-Z of some of the most used terms in our day-to-day. We have now published part 1 here which includes terms from A-E. Stay tuned for the rest! If there is any we have missed, just let us know - contact . You can also view all our other digital marketing guides here. 

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Why your Brand is a Powerful SEO Tool


Every day the MLT team drive organic and paid traffic to our clients’ websites with the end goal of generating business leads. However, in order us to help generate quality leads, we must have a solid knowledge about the type of law firm we are working with, for example:

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What’s this ‘Computer’ Thing? Back to the Future of Digital Marketing for Law Firms

back to the future hoverboard

Like some of my colleagues (especially at our sister companies Curated Media and Unlock The Law) you may have been eagerly awaiting 21st October 2015 aka ‘Back to the Future day’.

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Increase your law firm marketing ROI

marketing gone wrong

Does your marketing spend generate a positive return on investment? If not, or if you're not sure, you are in the same boat as many of the law firms we speak to.

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Infographic on SEO Ranking Factors in 2013 Published - Social Shares Even More Essential

seo search ranking factors 2013

SEO best practices continue to change at a rapid pace. And the better your SEO team keeps up to speed with the changes, the better your site will perform in search engines like Google & Bing and the more your business will grow through the web as a result.

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Lawford Kidd's Personal Injury Claims TV Ad Campaign Goes Live


Our client, highly rated injury law firm in Edinburgh, Lawford Kidd, has launched a new TV advertising campaign, which is also being integrated with their website and social media activities.

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