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Welcome to our blog. Here we'll post news and updates which relate to our core business of helping law firms grow.

Director at Moore Legal Technology, I ensure that all of our customers are happy with our contribution to their ongoing success. I work with the team devising the online business generation and legal content marketing strategies to drive success and over the years I've developed knowledge and experience of all aspects of digital marketing for law firms.

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Your 2022 Marketing Calendar Part 2

2022 marketing calendar

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Your 2022 Marketing Calendar Part 1

2022 marketing calendar

Working on your firm’s marketing can seem daunting - for many solicitors it’s not part of their day-to-day workload and, as such, it can get pushed aside. 

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6 Proven Tactics for Law Firm Content Marketing Success

law firm content marketing

How can your firm create content to attract new clients and nurture existing ones? In this article we’ll cover what to write, how to write it, how to make sure people read it and how to measure your results.

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Does your law firm need leads?


It goes without saying that new leads are the lifeblood of any growing business. Generating these leads means investment of both money and, crucially, time. 

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Need more leads? 5 ways for law firms to attract & convert more clients


Usually when a law firm approaches us, what they want is simple - more leads. Every business needs to create opportunities to win business and grow, but without the right approach that is easier said than done. 

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SRA taking steps to enforce price transparency compliance


In their latest crackdown on pricing transparency, the SRA is writing to 8000 law firms asking for a signed declaration that they are compliant with the price transparency rules. The deadline for completion is the 27th of August.

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What’s next in digital marketing for law firms?

What’s next in digital marketing for law firms?

First published July 2021 and updated December 2021.

One of the main things our clients ask of us is to help them look to the future. To help predict what’s next in the ever-evolving online landscape. We’ve written before on our predictions (some of which were more accurate than others!) and this piece is in that vein.

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What makes a great law firm website in 2021? (And how to check yours)

what makes a great law firm website 2021

For many of us, the last year has gone in the blink of an eye. As lockdowns have come and gone, there has been a sense of limbo both personally and professionally. While time may have stood still, technology hasn’t. And neither have web design trends. If anything, the last year has accelerated our familiarity with, expectations of, and reliance on technology and the internet. 

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Helping the Scottish High Street

high street law firms scotland online marketing

The core of our business has always been the Scottish high street firm. Based in Glasgow and with strong roots in the local legal industry, our goal is to help high street firms use technology to make money.

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Lockdown 2: What can law firms learn from early 2020?

lockdown law firms digital marketing 2020

With the news that a vaccine for Coronavirus is on the horizon, many businesses breathed a sigh of relief (or, at least, uttered a prayer of hope).

The UK is now in various states of lockdown, with the short to medium term prognosis uncertain. This article examines what we can learn from our original period of lockdown to protect our legal practices against future disruption.

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How to choose the right website builder for your law firm

website builders law firm marketing scotland

Modern law firm marketing requires a website - we hope that goes without saying now! Some businesses can survive with only a social media presence. But, eventually, to take full control over design and content, you will need a website of your own.

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Helping Buyers Buy: Buyer Enablement & Marketing to Millennials

Marketing to Millenials

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Covid-19 and the legal sector - which areas are most resilient? Real-time data & insight

covid 19 and the legal sector blog


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Our 2020 predictions - what did we get right? And what did we get wrong?


In 2017, we made a set of predictions on the future of marketing for law firms. In this follow-up piece, we're going to look at these and see how close to the mark we got. We'll also look at what impact the unprecedented situation caused by Covid-19 had on them. Did it push us closer to the mark, or further away?

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New webinar on the impact of COVID-19 on consumer behaviour, emerging trends & tools/tech law firms are utilising

covid lawyers digital marketiing webinar

Last week our Directors Chris Davidson and Dave Kerr presented a webinar with legal practice and case management software specialists Denovo. In it they discussed the impact Coronavirus has had on consumer behaviour and what trends are emerging. 

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New Year’s Resolution? New you… New Website?

The first week or two back at work after the holidays are usually spent dealing with lingering tasks. Inevitably, some of last year's to do list still needs actioned!

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The Pros and Cons of Publishing Prices

As you know, the SRA guidelines on pricing transparency come into force soon. In this blog, we look at the arguments for and against price transparency, discusses pricing best practice and the opportunities it creates. 

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Google’s new update highlights in-depth articles in search results. How good is your website’s content?


Google has updated its algorithms so that search results return more in-depth articles.

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P,P, Picking up from Penguin (2.0): Google Search Algorithm Update

Google Penguin 2.0 Algorithm SEO Update

It’s been a busy week at MLT as we review the changing search landscape in the wake of another update to Google’s search engine algorithm – in this case, a moderate change to their recent ‘Penguin’ algorithm, labelled by Matt Cutts as ‘Penguin 2.0’. We thought it would be worthwhile explaining generally what these changes mean for law firms and other businesses looking to rank, or continue to rank, in Google and other search engines ahead of their competition while implementing white-hat SEO practices.

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How law firms should use online marketing: sell YOUR services.

"What do you do for a living?" When you are asked this, you might reply that you are a lawyer or a solicitor. You might also respond with your particular practice area or specialism. You might also explain a little bit about what it is you do most, especially if the person seems interested.

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