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Latest blog posts from Chris Davidson regarding online business generation and digital marketing for solicitors, barristers, law firms and other UK businesses. To find out how we can help you call us on 0845 620 5664.
I have many years' experience in corporate communications environments both in the UK and abroad and joined Moore Legal Technology as a Director in 2013 following specialist in-house law firm marketing and business development roles manager roles.
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Moore Legal Technology – Helping law firms succeed online since 2003


Moore Legal Technology is excited and proud to be celebrating its 15th year in business. 2003! A life time ago when it comes to the evolution of the digital marketing, never mind the changes that the legal sector has gone through in that time. A time before Facebook, twitter, Gmail, the iPhone, before inbound marketing had a name, and long before the financial crash forced lawyers to look more closely at finding new ways of generating business. 

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Moore Legal Technology experiences international growth


It’s been an exciting start to the year for Moore Legal Technology, with new clients from the Cayman Islands and Malta joining our expanding client roster.

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2018 and beyond: Our Legal Futures…

Legal Futures Blog Cover

It’s that time of year again. Thinking about what’s gone before us and planning for the future - looking at what we do, how we do it, and more importantly, who we do it for.

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Succeeding online – what lawyers want to know

We were delighted to be asked to form part of a panel of legal sector business development experts at the recent Law Society Civil Litigation Autumn Conference, tasked with delivering some practical tactics that law firms can employ to win more business from new and existing clients.

ylfs side

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The value of legal directories for your law firm

Directory season isn’t too far away and many of you will have the submission process on your radar, along with that familiar tightening of the stomach and slight cold sweat as you remember last year’s mad dash to the finish line on deadline day (the one you promised would never happen again the previous year.)Whilst it’s always nice to be recognised for your hard work, it’s important to understand why you’re pursuing a certain award or status. Our new Insight, "Are legal awards and directories worthwhile for your firm?" asks the question, would the time and effort involved in the submission process be better directed elsewhere? 
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Marketing your law firm in the digital age - 10 top tips

Law Firm Success

Following recent law firm ‘merger’ and administration announcements north of the border, well-kent names such as Maclay Murray & Spens, Pagan Osborne and Hamilton Burns will cease to be a part of the Scottish Legal firmament.

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Make your mark - Personal branding for barristers

Personal Branding Tips for Barristers Advocates UK

If your professional success hinges on the perception on you as an individual more so that the name of the organisation you work for/with, then your personal brand becomes of crucial importance. This article looks at how barristers can start to develop their own personal brand.

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How can your law firm stand out in a crowded market?

for mlt blog

How can you distinguish your law firm’s offering from that of a multitude of other law firms offering similar services at a similar price?

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Peloton Communications announce launch of Client.ID - Demand Generation for Law Firms

client id logo lrg 01

Peloton Communications is delighted to announce the latest addition to our group of companies – Smart marketing automation software and demand generation provider, Client.ID.

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Future proofing your law firm against Legal Aid cuts

legal aid cuts

More than ever before, firms that provide legal aid need to find alternative revenue streams. In England and Wales, the effects of LASPO are still being felt. North of the border, the Law Society of Scotland are expressing concern about the proposed cuts to legal aid announced in December's 2016's Scottish budget. As such, law firms that provide legal aid services throughout the UK need to look at ways in which they can future proof.

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Moore Legal Technology and Your Law Firm Success™

Moore Legal Technology and Your Law Firm Success™

New look, new approach, same focus on results.

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Barristers warned by Bar Council re online marketing

legal online marketing law firms uk

The legal sector continues, in our experience, to lag behind other sectors when it comes to using the Internet effectively from a marketing and business development perspective.

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Planning Your Law Firm’s Success In 2017

law firm sucess in 2017

Are any or all the items in the list below among your primary business objectives for 2017?:-

  • Increasing your turnover; 
  • Enhancing your brand; 
  • Improving your efficiency; 
  • Future proofing your firm?
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Law firm websites for £500

Law firm websites for £500

We were recently invited to attend a meeting in London with a well-respected law firm with a tremendous history of working on high-profile cases that attract widespread media interest. The firm’s reputation in the market in which they operate is well established and the clientele they act for and type of instruction they receive has undoubtedly evolved with the times. There is however one aspect of their business that hasn’t evolved, and with one eye to the future, they contacted us to ask how they could improve their online presence with a view to attracting more clients.

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Spinning plates – the life and times of an in-house legal marketing professional

digital marketing law firms legal website design glasgow scotland

Increasingly, we find ourselves speaking to law firms that have an in-house marketing resource, albeit in many cases that in-house resource is limited to one or two individuals. Coming from an in-house law firm marketing background myself, I find it heartening that law firms are recognising the value of having in-house marketing support during these times of unprecedented change in the legal profession. I have worked with some incredibly talented marketing professionals within law firms, professionals who have achieved a seat at the top table of their respective firms and who consistently make a tangible difference to their firm’s bottom line. Increasingly, I’m glad to say, having spoken with many legal sector marketing professionals over the past couple of years, marketing within law firms is increasingly being viewed as an investment, not an expense.

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After 25 years, are law firms taking advantage of the internet?

law firms website design uk

Time stands still for no man, so the saying goes. This feels especially true for those of us involved in online marketing for the legal sector. While in my mind I’m still the same fresh faced Kurt Cobain wannabe as the kid in the baggy jumper, as I sit down to write this I suddenly feel rather old (because I am, my colleagues helpfully point out). Incredibly, websites, much like this photograph, have been around for 25 years (which is longer than some of our niche legal sector digital marketers!), while the first search engine was born in 1993 (Aliweb for those of you who are interested) and Google turns 18 this year. Remember a time before Google? Me neither!

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Moore Legal Technology continues to grow in 2016

douglas millar seo internet marketing law firms

As the legal sector continues to evolve and more and more law firms look to leverage the internet for the generation of new business, we continue to increase our resource to allow us to help our clients take advantage of the opportunities that exist online.

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(Website) Relationship advice from Moore Legal Technology

(Website) Relationship advice from Moore Legal Technology

At the end of a week that began with me forgetting Valentines Day (again), I found myself in a meeting with a prospective client talking about how, in order to win online, they needed to view their website in much the same way as they view any relationship that is important to them.

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Moore Legal Technology welcomes new staff and new clients

We do apologise to our loyal subscribers about the recent lack of an update; it’s been a busy few weeks at Moore Legal Technology. We’re pleased to say that we are growing at a rate of knots, both client and staff wise. Recent client wins include several London based law firms covering myriad sector groups and practice areas as we continue to increase our footprint south of the border. We are very pleased to have grown in size to accommodate these new clients and welcome Kate Flannigan to our team.

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Is your law firm different?

Is your law firm different?

Law firms throughout the UK and internationally are facing the same challenge – how to distinguish their offering from that of a multitude of other law firms.

If you are no different from your competitors then you are a commodity. In order to avoid commoditisation you need to be able to differentiate your services with something unique, something that is not easily copied by other law firms and which is valued by clients and potential instructing agents. It’s never been more important for law firms to identify their own unique message and shout from the rooftops about how they offer a better, different service than their competition.

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