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4 Ways Twitter Analytics Will Improve the Bottom Line for Law Firms

You might have seen that Twitter has launched a new native analytics dashboard for organic Tweets.

Twitter Strategy for Law Firms

Twitter has always provided analytics for users who pay for advertisements or sponsored Tweets. In July, they extended this to an analytics service for organic Tweets too. It wasn't announced, and you'll only be able to see an analysis of those Tweets that were sent after you signed up for Twitter Analytics.

So how can you, as a lawyer, take advantage of these improvements? Let's take a look at how this improvement has made Twitter an even more essential for any successful legal marketing strategy.

1. See more in-depth insights than ever before

As a digital marketing company specialising in the legal sector, we keep a close eye on the results of our efforts. While there have always been a plethora of tools to track social media metrics, Twitter have pushed the boat out with this new, in-depth analytics dashboard. The new analytics tool offers more detailed insights into your account than any tool that has come before it.

Moore Legal Twitter Analytics

For each Tweet, you can now see data on the following actions:

  • Impressions – how many people saw the Tweet
  • Engagements – how many people engaged with that Tweet
  • Engagement rate
  • Retweets
  • Replies
  • Favourites
  • User profile clicks
  • URL clicks – if you've included a URL, how many people clicked it?
  • Hashtag clicks
  • Detail expands – when someone clicks your Tweet to see more details
  • Permalink clicks
  • Embedded media clicks
  • App opens
  • App install attempts
  • Follows
  • Email tweet
  • Dial phone

If you didn't manage to read that extensive list, I'll summarise – you can tell A LOT about follower activity from these new analytics. For some of these, it's been impossible to track before; for instance, hashtag clicks, user profile clicks and detail expands.

But why is being able to track all this data so valuable?

2. Perfect your Social Media Strategy

Because it lets you see what's working, and hone your strategy. As an example, I delved into the analytics our own Moore Legal Technology Twitter account – @Moore_Legal – and the results were interesting. Let's take a look.

Topical or event hashtags outperform generic ones

Just last night, our Operations Director, Gavin Ward attended The Law Awards of Scotland and live Tweeted from the event on behalf of MLT. He used the official hashtag that was associated with the event, #thelawawards, as well as posting a picture or two.

We saw a spike in impressions and engagement for all Tweets using the event hashtag – much more so than other Tweets with hashtags. From this, we can see that topical or event hashtags have a much greater impact than those you might use every day (although those still reap greater impressions than Tweets with no hashtags).

Social media users love images

Tweets that were most successful, though, were those with an image. It seems that some Tweeps just can't scroll by a Tweet with a photo without clicking to see what it's about (this is for embedded media, rather than a link to an external image). Further investigation shows this is a trend that applies to any Tweets with images on the @Moore_Legal account, and indeed this trend if something we're seeing across more of our law firm customer social media accounts.

Informative headlines work

This isn't really news, but from these deeper insights on Twitter, it's easy to see what kind of headlines and Tweets are working, and what isn't. With a lot of followers in the law industry, it was no surprise to see that a link to the Law Award winners had a high engagement rate. What is it about this Tweet that caught users' attentions?

This is where you can use the new insights to ...

3. Direct your content marketing strategy

Looking at our news Tweets, we can get an insight into what headlines are grabbing people's attention. As I mentioned, the link to the Law Awards winners was a top performer – probably because it provided timely information that is useful and of interest to our followers.

Other Tweets that had a good engagement rate included a Tweet about law firm invoices; one about lawyers curating news through social media; and another back to our own site, about SEO and online marketing for law firms.

Our followers are clearly interested in news that affects them – that's no big surprise. What did interest me is that news that links our followers' interests with our areas of expertise (digital marketing) is doing the best. Because we believe in testing wherever possible to grow our experience and expertise (we do this on a daily basis), we will now be tailoring our content marketing strategy even further and continue to write about the things that interest our audience.

For our clients, this means producing content strategies that capture the attention of their followers while demonstrating their expertise in their area, in an accessible way. We place our clients as experts in their respective fields. We demonstrate our clients' trustworthiness and give a human voice to their law firm.

But why do we do all this? Well ...

4. It All Affects the Bottom Line

Our online business generation service always leads back to one place – your bottom line. What we do best is helping our clients to make money online. The Tweets, the content, the website – they are the tools that we use to get paying clients on the phone and turning into long-term, profitable relationships for our customers. And it works.

We constantly have our finger on the pulse of online improvements. By tracking how clients get to you – using Twitter analytics, call tracking, web analytics and more – we can advise you on the best tools and tactics for your business. We plan bespoke strategies for each client, and those strategies are constantly evolving depending on the results we see.

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