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The Periodic Table of SEO Success Factors

periodic table

Image above from Search Engine Land

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How can your law firm stand out in a crowded market?

for mlt blog

How can you distinguish your law firm’s offering from that of a multitude of other law firms offering similar services at a similar price?

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Peloton Communications announce launch of Client.ID - Demand Generation for Law Firms

client id logo lrg 01

Peloton Communications is delighted to announce the latest addition to our group of companies – Smart marketing automation software and demand generation provider, Client.ID.

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The Future of Marketing for Law Firms – published in Legal Futures publication

We’re pleased to note our article on ‘The future of Marketing for Law firms’ has been published in leading legal sector publication, Legal Futures. You can view the article here. You can also view the post in our insights section here.

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Moore Legal Technology welcomes new digital marketing assistant to Curated House

Andrius mlt digital marketing assistant


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Innovative Legal Hub in Glasgow – with free space if you are innovating

mlt blog

The Peloton Communications group provide online business generation and creative strategies for the legal sector. Comprising of Curated Media, Moore Legal Technology, and Network Legal, our companies work with law firms in the UK and beyond from our collaborative work space in central Glasgow – and we want to share that space with you.

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Future proofing your law firm against Legal Aid cuts

legal aid cuts

More than ever before, firms that provide legal aid need to find alternative revenue streams. In England and Wales, the effects of LASPO are still being felt. North of the border, the Law Society of Scotland are expressing concern about the proposed cuts to legal aid announced in December's 2016's Scottish budget. As such, law firms that provide legal aid services throughout the UK need to look at ways in which they can future proof.

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Introducing The Peloton Communications Group

Introducing The Peloton Communications Group

Moore Legal Technology and sister companies Curated Media and Network Legal all have one thing in common – helping law firms and lawyers use the internet more effectively to generate more business online.

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Moore Legal Technology and Your Law Firm Success™

Moore Legal Technology and Your Law Firm Success™

New look, new approach, same focus on results.

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School work experience in Glasgow for budding, enthusiastic entrepreneurs

School work experience in Glasgow for budding, enthusiastic entrepreneurs

Evan Spiegel, the co-founder of Snapchat, is worth approximately £4 billion dollars. Mark Zuckerberg ’s net worth is estimated to be $58.6 billon. They are entrepreneurs who were able to take small ideas, execute them brilliantly and develop businesses of extreme value. 

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Barristers warned by Bar Council re online marketing

legal online marketing law firms uk

The legal sector continues, in our experience, to lag behind other sectors when it comes to using the Internet effectively from a marketing and business development perspective.

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Planning Your Law Firm’s Success In 2017

law firm sucess in 2017

Are any or all the items in the list below among your primary business objectives for 2017?:-

  • Increasing your turnover; 
  • Enhancing your brand; 
  • Improving your efficiency; 
  • Future proofing your firm?
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Law Firm Lead Generation: 5 Steps Which Will Lead To More Enquiries

Law Firm Lead Generation: 5 Steps Which Will Lead To More Enquiries

At Moore Legal Technology, we specialise in helping law firms increase their turnover and client base. Put simply, we help our law firm clients leverage the internet to increase the number of profitable, new enquiries.

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5 Common Mistakes Law Firms Make with their Online Strategy

In 2017, lawyers continue to make fundamental mistakes relating to their online presence that will be preventing them from using the internet effectively to increase their turnover, enhance their brand and attract better talent, among other things.

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Evolving SEO: Succeeding Online in 2017

telephone 586268 960 720
youtube 1158693 960 720

At Moore Legal Technology, we pride ourselves on being one step ahead in the digital marketing world. While it won’t be necessary to alter your entire online marketing strategy this year, it is clear that SEO techniques should become more forward-thinking, slick and more in-line with user experience/intent. In this blog we have outlined a few of the main predictions for law firm search engine optimisation in 2017.

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Website Design for Lawyers Vs Website Design for Your Clients – 3 Key Differences

lawyer website bios
bad worst law firm website example
top lawyer website design example

Website design for what lawyers want is often at odds with what their clients buying legal services from them want. Having built over 100 law firm websites in recent years as what we call ‘success drivers’ as part of the strategy to help law firms and lawyers achieve their objectives, we have a great deal of experience with this issue. The following outlines and explains three of the key differences.

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Content Marketing For Law Firms: How to Maximise Your Firm's Potential With A Killer Content Strategy

Content Marketing For Law Firms: How to Maximise Your Firm's Potential With A Killer Content Strategy
law firms online content marketing & legal websites

In this post, I’m going to look at how law firms can generate more leads with an online strategy which will increase web traffic to your site, and convert a greater percentage of that traffic into leads. I will be using the classic ‘sales funnel’ analogy, where an optimum ‘customer journey’ is mapped out for each type of customer; the end goal of course being that all important enquiry. The purpose of this exercise is to gain a deeper understanding of the sales process involved in each type of customer journey for your potential client base, and to highlight the opportunities to improve these processes.

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Law Firm Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) - Top 5 Tips to ensure people are clicking on your website

Law Firm Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) - Top 5 Tips to ensure people are clicking on your website
law firms content marketing
law firms keywords seo
law firms seo optimisation mobile
law firms location optimisation
law firms optimisation audience

With the ever increasing competition of law firms online, it’s important now more than ever to ensure your law firm is getting found. Stay one step ahead of your competitors by doing these 5 simple steps that will improve your law firm’s website rankings in Google.

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Finding Success Online - Interview With Spodek Law, NY

Finding Success Online - Interview With Spodek Law, NY
law firms instagram

We are always looking to keep our client’s online marketing strategies unique, engaging and ultimately successful. One of the ways in which we aim to cultivate such strategies is by engaging with the legal community and pioneering new ways of generating business online.

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Joomla! Vs WordPress for Great SEO for Law Firms - Which is Best?

Joomla! Vs WordPress for Great SEO for Law Firms - Which is Best?
law firms linkedin seo
law firms search engine optimisation urls
law firms meta data
law firms content is king
law firms joomla
law firms wordpress

The question of which CMS is best for SEO has been a rather touchy subject on the internet in the past couple of months. Many developers and SEO experts have been telling clients that you absolutely need a certain type of CMS, or certain combination of plugins to get excellent SEO results from your website. As Moore Legal Technology’s Head of Development and Support, in this post I’ll explore some of the key points of contention and explain what we think is the right approach when considering what CMS (if any) is the best one to achieve great SEO results for your law firm.

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