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Tony Partridge

Lead Developer


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In this Internet age where would we be if at least one of us didn't work remotely? In Moore Legal Technology that 'one' is me. I'm based in the Isle of Man but spend my days ensuring that all our online lead generating assets are up, running as fast as they can and maintained in such as a way to ensure that they are secure, spam free and generating loads of enquiries.

My initial contact with Stephen and Moore Legal Technology came about as a result of work I was doing supporting the development of a top selling open source events module. I started doing a little bit of support, then a bit more, then a bit more after that until it became my full time job. Despite, or maybe because of, my remoteness I love working with the Moore Legal Technology team. In the vast majority of cases we build long standing relationships with our customers and in my view, when you get to know the customer better, you deliver a better service.

Myself and the team here at Moore Legal Technology love working with Joomla! the popular open source CMS and because we use it so much I dedicate some of my time back to it by being a Developer of the Joomla! Extensions Directory and also the Joomla! UX Technical Lead. I also report issues and queries to Joomla! on GitHub. Squashing bugs and implementing new features whilst testing other user's patches and responding to questions. This to me is the true heart of open source and what helps such a project thrive.

I am passionate about my work, and have wide experience in HTML5, CSS3, MySQL, PHP, Joomla! Framework and Wordpress.

Callie the Begalier In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my family, cycling, DIY projects and fishing. But most recently I have started running! and love it, there isn't much that can beat an early Sunday 6mile run with Callie (the dog, she is to the right).

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