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Welcome to our blog about online business generation for law firms and other businesses in the UK and around the world. We share in particular our tips on strategic website design, inbound marketing, conversion and analytics, legal technology, search engine optimisation and social media marketing strategies and advice. Contact us to find out how we can help your firm generate more business online.

Creating Effective Email Marketing Campaigns for Law Firms - 5 Best Tips


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Our Nicole Donald Awarded New Google-Backed Digital Marketing Qualification - A Squared Experience

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At Moore Legal Technology, we are always looking for new ways to keep up to date with the latest digital marketing trends and ways in which we can refresh and improve our skills to help our law firm clients acquire more online enquiries and ultimately beat their competition online.

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Spinning plates – the life and times of an in-house legal marketing professional

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Increasingly, we find ourselves speaking to law firms that have an in-house marketing resource, albeit in many cases that in-house resource is limited to one or two individuals. Coming from an in-house law firm marketing background myself, I find it heartening that law firms are recognising the value of having in-house marketing support during these times of unprecedented change in the legal profession. I have worked with some incredibly talented marketing professionals within law firms, professionals who have achieved a seat at the top table of their respective firms and who consistently make a tangible difference to their firm’s bottom line. Increasingly, I’m glad to say, having spoken with many legal sector marketing professionals over the past couple of years, marketing within law firms is increasingly being viewed as an investment, not an expense.

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The Ultimate Digital Marketing Glossary (A-Z) – what does it all mean?

ultimate digital marketing glossaryHave you ever wondered what 'SEO' or 'CTA' actually means? Sometimes, when talking to clients or friends and family we can get carried away with our geeky digital chat. Which is why we have compiled a handy A-Z of some of the most used terms in our day-to-day. You can now view the full A-Z published here. 

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The Leicester City approach to Online Marketing for Law Firms

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