Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for Law Firms

To do well online it is critical that potential and existing clients can find you easily when searching for services relevant to your offering. It is important not to focus on one or two main keyphrases such as ‘solicitors London’, or ‘accountants Birmingham’, instead focusing on driving as much traffic as possible from as many relevant key-phrases as possible.

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"We’ll get you to number 1 on Google."

Treat anybody who tells you this with suspicion. Google is a capricious mistress and the techniques and processes surrounding search engine optimisation change all of the time. Anyway, there’s not really a lot of point being at number 1 in Google, or Bing, or Yahoo, for only one keyphrase as it will, on its own, never drive enough traffic to generate conversions unless the keyphrase is ‘free sex’… so I’m told.

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SEO for Law Firms & Lawyers in the UK and Beyond

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the process of ensuring that your website ranks well in search engines for as wide a variety of search queries as possible. If you wish to attract new business online then potential clients should be able to find you when searching for services (e.g. searching for the term ‘family lawyer Birmingham’ in a search engine such as Google and finding your website at the top of the search results).

Good Search Engine Optimisation isn't about 'tricking' search engines, or trying to boost your rankings artificially. We put in place a layered, multi-faceted, organic approach to raising your rankings in a way that will deliver consistent results and continue to improve over time. Some SEO companies can promise 'quick fix' solutions and promise to boost your rankings in a short space of time. In our experience, these strategies work for a while, but stop bearing fruit and even become harmful over time.

This is because SEO best practice is constantly changing, as search engines update their complex search algorithms to improve the quality of their service. When choosing a company to advise on or manage your online activities, it's important to choose one that stays up to date on the latest search engine and online developments, and that can change strategy accordingly. Over the past few years, search engine algortihms, particularly that of Google, have changed dramatically - updates such as 'Panda', 'Penguin' and 'Exact-Match Domain' (EMD) have altered SEO strategies throughout the world. Ensure that your website and online marketing strategies are robust is essential.

Some of the key elements of SEO and our SEO services as follows:-

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Search Engine Optimisation for Lawyers and Businesses

Increasingly buyers of legal services are looking online in much the same way as we look for holidays, products or news and the opportunity is there for you to turn these searches into new business.

The search engines, and most famously Google, are at the centre of this online activity and ranking well involves strategic thinking, planning, thorough implementation and ongoing management.

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